20 Animals That Have Been Cloned

With cloned steaks hitting supermarket shelves, cloning is gaining momentum as a major (ahem) cash cow. Scientists have been effectively cloning animals since the early 1960s, when a Chinese embryologist cloned an Asian carp. It’s just a matter of time until cloned humans start emerging from test tubes; meanwhile, we natural-borns are just starting to chow down on cloned meat (which the USDA does not require producers to label). Below is a rundown of 20 animals that scientists have successfully cloned:

1. Carp


(Featured above: A common carp, as-yet-uncloned)

An Asian carp was cloned successfully in 1963; ten years later, scientist Tong Dizhou also cloned a European crucian carp.

2. Dolly the Sheep


Dolly saw the light of day in 1996. She lived until the age of six. The first cloned mammal, Dolly is considered to be a great success. Later, several hundred other Dollies were cloned.

3. Cumulina the Mouse


Cloned in Hawa’ii in 2000, Cumulina was the first successful mouse clone. She lived until the ripe old age of two years and seven months, a victory for her researchers.

4. Noto and Kaga (Cows)


These cows were cloned in 1998 and duplicated several thousand times. Made in Japan, the cows pave the way for other clones engineered to produce better meat and milk.

5. Mira the Goat


Also cloned in 1998, Mira and her sisters came from a US lab as predecessors for livestock engineered to contain pharmaceutical products beneficial for humans.

6. A Family of Pigs: Millie, Alexis, Christa, Dotcom, and Carrel


Labs intend to modify pigs so that they can grow cells and organs that humans can use. Millie and her sisters (if you can call them that) were cloned in 2000 by a US-based company.

7. Ombretta the Mouflon


The successful cloning of this endangered animal (2000) exemplifies how cloning can rescue a species from the brink of extinction.

8. Tetra the Rhesus Monkey


The lab monkey world received its first clone in 2000. US-based Tetra is the first in a series of cloned monkeys that scientists could use as test subjects to learn more about diseases like diabetes.

9. Noah the Gaur


A gaur is an Asian wild ox whose numbers are dwindling. Cloned in 2001, Noah only lived for two days before dying of dysentery.

10. Rabbit


Cloned in 2001, a white rabbit like the one featured above–and its 30 clones–wasn’t given a cute name.

11. Copy Cat (CC)


This cat, cloned in 2001, was the starting gun for a pet-cloning process that may eventually become an industry.

12. Ralph the Rat


Cloned in 2002, Ralph eventually came out of the womb 15 separate times (his clones, that is). Though rats like Ralph may eventually be used in labs, cross your fingers that his ilk won’t find their way into New York sewers.

13. Idaho Gem


Mules are sterile–unless you clone them, as proven by Idaho Gem, the pride of a 2003 American research team.

14. Prometea the Horse


An Italian team produced Prometea in 2003. They hoped to produce more Italian stallions, but their attempts failed. Prometea birthed her own in 2008. Racehorses could come in the future.

15. Ditteaux the African Wildcat


Although African wildcats aren’t endangered, US scientists cloned one in 2003 as a sort of template for cloning other, more vulnerable animals.

16. Dewey the Deer


This white tail, cloned at Texas A&M University in 2003, is one of those clones lacking a solid premise. His ilk are some of the most abundant game in North America; still, scientists say clones could be used to research deer genes and produce better deer stock for hunters. As importantly, they managed to clone a deer before anyone else could do it.

17. Libby and Lilly, Ferrets


These ferrets, cloned in 2004, almost beg another “why the heck did you do that?” It turns out that ferrets are very useful for studying human respiratory diseases, and some types are endangered.

18. Buffalo


This cloned Murrah buffalo from India could eventually become a high-volume milk source.

19. Snuppy the Dog


South Korean scientists accomplished the notoriously challenging task of cloning a dog in 2005. Snuppy’s predecessors could be used to study human diseases.

20. Wolves: Snuwolf and Snuwolffy


Seoul National University (SNU) hit the canine cloning jackpot again with these two gray wolves as precursors for eventual conservation projects in 2005.

  • many of the animals don’t look exactly the same. Do cloned animals have the exact same DNA? Would that guarantee that they look exactly the same?

  • satili


  • Cheal

    There is nothing repulsive about it.

  • Katie

    you people disgust me

  • pinktacobox

    Cloning sounds cool, but has no real value.

  • crazy forrest

    Repulsive? Wow… how about “Ignorant” for you?

    Cloned animals do not have exactly the same DNA, however the percentage of difference is so minute as to be nearly untraceable.

    The animals will not look exactly the same, and over the course of their lives their DNA will drift. Point source mutations may occur each time that a strand of DNA replicates; this is affected by minute changes in the organism’s environment. Did background radiation knock at ATGC segment out of whack? Did malnutrition hinder the clean encoding of new RNA strands?

    The changes are very very small, but nothing is an *exact* clone of it’s source code once it’s cells have replicated just a few times.

  • DarkfireSG

    Not to mention that life experiances do alot more to shape an individual than their DNA

  • …really? how is this repulsive? when horse breeders breed thoroughbreds they do the same thing. This is the same concept except on a more exact level, it also has the potential to save endangered species. I don’t know about you, but having my children grow up in a world where the only animals that exist are barnyard animals and squirrels or whatever doesn’t seem like a very responsible thing to do to me. Also, misanthropy, it’s not exactly cloning, I think you still need to have part of the DNA from either the host mother or the sperm donor. I think that’s part of the reason why you can’t just go and clone a mammoth but instead have you keep breeding mammoth part-clones until you get to more than 15/16 mammoth or something.

  • Also that genetics only indicate a propensity towards a certain physical form. It is not necessarily a guarantee that the creature that has that DNA will look exactly the same as the original.

  • Genes are only part of the story; that’s why clones don’t necessarily look exactly like their parent. (A cat’s colouration, for example, is influenced by temperature variations it experiences in the womb).

    As for the claim that cloning has “no real value,” you’re going to have to explain that. If it had no value to anyone, no one would be doing it. Many kinds of cloning are likely to prove useful — like, any time you have an animal with a useful genetic characteristic, and you want more like it, whether that be a prize dairy cow or a genetically engineered goat that produces pharmaceuticals in its milk.
    See, for example:

  • The most insane fact about this is that the USDA does not require beef sellers to label their products as cloned! Wow!

  • Disgusted

    it is repulsive if you are cloning animals just so that there are better ones of that species for hunters. i mean, making more animals just to kill? also if you’re cloning for better meat. THAT is repulsive. cloning just for selfish human wants. if you need more meat clone more humans and kill them instead.

  • Disgusted

    how about instead of cloning the endangered species, lets stop killing them and their enviroment. humans. they always go for the easiest rout.

  • itsnotme

    the ANIMALS will not look the same just the random process of how fur and hair grows will cause them to look different but markings and genetic makeup will be the same

  • Andrew

    Why is that insane? the meat is EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE OTHER MEAT, that’s why it’s cloning ;)

  • Rika

    when you clone animals, their life goes by much faster. For example – Dolly the sheep only lived for a few years. As every living creature gets older, the cells make copies of themselves – however, taking DNA, and using it to create another creature that’s the same would be detrimental in the long run. If you take a copy, and copy that copy, and continue doing this, you’ll get a blob that is unnoticeable. I’m not saying the creature will be a blob, but we might as well be inbreeding the creatures until they’re virtually the same. My religious beliefs, I know, won’t make a very good – let along stand – against this, but by a logical view, the only thing this could say is “look at us! we can recreate life!!” If someone could state, under logical terms, how this would be a good thing, without side effects within the creature, please tell me

  • @ disgusted

    “if you need more meat clone more humans and kill them instead”

    are you f***ing stupid? humans have INTELLIGENCE. it is not wrong to hunt animals. GOD killed the first animal in genesis! no humans life is less important than an animals. an animal is food, cloned or not. what is wrong with eating meat? animals were placed by GOD for us to eat and rule. that’s all there is to it. killing an animal quickly is NEVER inhumane.

    its stupid and unaccepting idiots like you that make life hard for the rest of us

  • Ivan

    Ahh religion, it always makes people so tolerant, understanding, and inclusive.

  • logicnotmagic

    Prove that there IS a ‘God’, numbskull, and then tell me how your fantasy deity has any bearing on this topic in reality.

  • Dude, you’ve got to be kidding me.

    Give me one piece of irrefutable evidence that God created the animals for our use, and maybe I won’t sic my dog on your high-and-mighty ass.

  • facepalm

    Sounds pretty awesome, as long as we limit it. Dozens of sci-fi stories revolve around the dangers of genetic engineering and cloning, but if it has limits (like not cloning humans and not over-using the same genetic material) from the start this could be a great thing for mankind.

  • Limited use of cloning is acceptable but this is out of limit

  • How successful are they? The human have to be successful in this as we need to develop a method to produce our food! :0)

  • Liz

    misanthropy today : the clone doesn’t have to be put in it’s “mother” it can be raised in the womb of even an animal of a different species in some instances.

  • Educated

    Misanthropy Today: No they do not have the exact same DNA, as a very small component of the recipient cell mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) remains, this is partly the reason of many of the problems still associated with producing viable cloned offspring. If the embryo does survive, it may have incorperated some of the oocyte mtDNA explaining why the clone looks a little different.

    Crazy Forrest: I don’t think point mutations and genetic drift have much effect on an individual, thats more of a population issue.

    Everyone: Cant you consider the possibilities for resuscitating endangered species here, for combating inbreeding effects in small populations, replacing AI with cloned males, and using genetic engineering to create meat-sources without the need to kill an animal. How is this not fantastic, and why aren’t animal ‘rights’ people more excited? This has got to be an amazing step forward for animal welfare (note difference between welfare and rights)

  • Educated

    Oh and Rika,
    You don’t clone clones, you allow them to breed normally which ‘resets’ their DNA ‘lifespan’. You can then clone the offspring without continuing the issue.
    A Clones life doesn’t go any faster than a normal animal either, they just start off a little further ahead (this is not fully understood yet however)

  • James

    What a bunch of futurephobic babies you people are. It’s “unnatural” (meaning it wasn’t with you when you were a kid), so it must be evil and immoral and insane.

  • Shon

    To use the Bible as an aid in debate FOR cloning and in-hand stem-cell research… God is omnipotent and we are created in his image. All things that man has discovered are through and BY God, according to every major monotheistic religion. Thereby, thus and duly, all work of MAN is only done because God wills it. It is God’s WILL that the ability to clone animals exists. It is God’s WILL that MAN have this knowledge, else God would have precluded man from the understanding of this knowledge. NOTHING would be possible except by the will of God.
    The only way things could be done exclusive of God’s power would be if God were NOT all powerful and omnipotent. That would mean there are other powers greater than God’s. Since this cannot be true in JudeoChristian religions, then God must WANT man to have and use this knowledge.
    Thank you for your support!

  • Educated

    That would be assuming the judeochristian religion is correct, and not just one of many many other religions in the world with no more proof behind them than the next.

    I commend your blind faith and ability to believe in the face of all other evidence. Good for you.

    Yay for somatic cell nuclear transfer!!!

  • Nazrat

    Would a sheep clone a human if it was capable?

  • i think cloning is wrong and shuldent happen!~

  • curiosu

    #13. how can mules be sterile unless you clone them. if you mules were sterile, their species would’ve died out long before cloning came around.

  • farmboy

    Mules are hybrids. They are bred between a horse and a donkey but they cannot breed themselves.

  • Seriously

    “also if you’re cloning for better meat. THAT is repulsive. cloning just for selfish human wants. if you need more meat clone more humans and kill them instead.”


    Maybe that serious lack of protein in your brain is causing some problems. Fact: Humans are an omnivorous species, we eat both plants and animals.
    Secondly, “for selfish human wants” maybe you are not aware but food is a need, not a want. Unless your ready to kill every omnivorous and carnivorous species on the planet, quit putting humans on a pedestal that we need to go “green” foods while the rest of the omnivores and carnivores get to gorge themselves on whatever meat they like to eat.
    Thirdly, maybe you don’t read a lot but the earth is quickly running out of enough food for the human species. Eventually cloning is going to be the only way we can be sustained.
    Lastly, the advocation of cannibalism over eating cloned animals is disgusting. Not only is the thought disgusting, the intelligence behind such a statement is just as equally disgusting.

    “You call eating meat ‘murder’. I say: mmmmm, murder tastes good!”

  • Honestly

    For those who think that reproductive cloning is okay, you need to think about the abnormalities and other health issues that come with cloning. Would you still clone a human baby knowing that he or she will not live a full and healthy life and have birth defects? The animals that are cloned suffer from many different things. Do scientist really feel the pain these animals go through whether it just for the 2 days the animal lives or 6 years? I doubt it. There is no good reason why reproductive cloning should be allowed!

  • Unknown

    I feel that cloning of animals is fine and dandy, it does no real direct harm to anyone….if/when they prove that using cloned animals for meat is causing problems of some sorts, then stop doing it, in the mean time, go for it. On a side note, cloning humans is a bit of a different beast. I feel this should be allowable….to a limited extent. I.E. cloning of tissues, and even full blown organs (other than the brain) should be allowable. Even up to and including a full blown body transplant in cases where a person is in danger of their life (a severe case of burns, accident, some other reason) I do also feel that the potential ability to clone arms, legs, hands, and feet very well could come in handy in the near…ish future to help people who otherwise would either have no ability to walk or do not have functionality of one or both of their arms…or in some cases, both. Cloning organs, too, could have purposes. For example, if someone had a bad kidney, they could just clone the good one right away instead of waiting for a transplant. Or in a more extreme example, if someone’s heart is starting to give out on them, they could clone it, and prevent (at least for some time) heart attacks, death, ect. I know not everyone will see it my way, but this is how I feel regarding these issues.

  • Educated

    Its not quite as simple as the previous post makes out. You can’t just clone a whole body without a head etc. In that case you would be cloning an individual and then chopping off their head. Not exactly ethical. You also can’t clone an adult body or organ, it will be a newborn equivilant.
    Good spirit though :)
    Honestly, you are an idiot. There are a thousand reasons it is useful, and if you had any experience in the primary industries you’d know that.

  • Shon

    For the record, my post was made to use the best tools AGAINST those who would use judeochristian religios ethos as a reason to abhor cloning. I never said I believed it.
    Just because I am familiar with the book, “Harry Potter” doesn’t mean I believe in Hogwart’s School… get my point? I can however, quote a few lines if required (of the bible and/or Harry Potter).
    IMHO the bible is a relevant document in that it gives people who would otherwise be wayward assholes with no rule of law, a set of guidelines to live by. There are those who abuse that, yes, but all in all, the effect of the bible is mostly harmless. (yes, i said that on purpose)

    Now, what NEEDS to happen, is someone should CLONE Jesus. That would be AWESOME. Imagine a REAL Buddy Christ!!!

  • Bio Freak

    The ability to clone endangered species is prodigious! I agree with the post above that it is unfortunate we have to result to this in order to save endangered wildlife, that leaving the environ alone where these species reside is obviously the best choice. However, under the current circumstances I hope scientists have the ability to clone every endangered species before they are completely wiped out.

  • acidophulus

    The reason animals are endangered is the ignorant people with reptilian brains, stuck in a time warp and slow on the evolution scale who get pleasure from hunting for trophy which is not a sport, but murder. The people who are destroying the earth and taking away habitats are killing off our animals. The people destroying the water killing the fish with plastic toxic waste etc. The only thing that should be cloned are intelligent people because ignorant people keep breeding producing low consciousness off spring who care more about shopping than compassion for people or animals. And the only reason for cloning is that these so called scientists, many who need their brains examined to see why they can induce pain and suffering on animals, is they get billions of your tax dollars to make up experiments. Check out the National Institute of Health and see the insanity over there with animal experiments. Leave the animals alone, stop destroying the environment and instead of men hunting let them go on extreme fighting tv and really be a man where there is an equal and fair fight. And animals are not here for us to torture them, and the meat industry does. If animals are cloned it will just be more animals to kill, hunt and torture for the people who are barbaric. Canned Hunts, Internet hunting, Bear Baiting, etc etc. The thirst for this is sociopathic.Even though it has a bad reputation to some, you can see videos of the insidious meat industry and other horrendous acts of violence to animals on the Peta website. There are humane ways of doing things when necessary. Cloning is a bad idea for the time being.

  • TH

    “Repulsive? Wow… how about “Ignorant” for you?

    Cloned animals do not have exactly the same DNA, however the percentage of difference is so minute as to be nearly untraceable.

    The animals will not look exactly the same, and over the course of their lives their DNA will drift. Point source mutations may occur each time that a strand of DNA replicates; this is affected by minute changes in the organism’s environment. Did background radiation knock at ATGC segment out of whack? Did malnutrition hinder the clean encoding of new RNA strands?

    The changes are very very small, but nothing is an *exact* clone of it’s source code once it’s cells have replicated just a few times.”

    Way to form an uneducated comment… there is 0 evidence to say whether or not cloning has a small or greater effect on the DNA of the cloned specimen. The mere fact that a slight change in DNA can produce a completely different, look, or intelligence is enough to say playing god might not be such a brilliant idea. Instead of being irresponsible with our consumption and re-growth, solve that problem, become responsible, and stop looking for ways to make a glutinous mess out of humanity.

  • karluh

    this is people playing god!

  • Ned

    I don’t really see how cloning animals is good for a species, threatened or not. One of the main goals of any breeding programme is to encourage genetic diversity to avoid inbreeding and disease. It’s like bananas – you get a whole bunch of basically identical organisms, and one virus can wipe them all out. Why would we do this to our livestock? Or an endangered species?

  • dani

    WOW! so many people come on here saying “oh cool! cloning! fun!” when they don’t even know a thing about cloning. in my opinion, cloning is wrong…only God can make life and we weren’t meant to create other living things. besides, it takes usually over 100 failures to make at least one successful cell, that usually ends up dying anyways. this science is way to expensive to be using so much money on! therapeutic cloning is another joke. there have been no records at all of a healed disease from harvesting eggs from women’s ovaries for stem cells, and it’s killing life! for every embryo that’s used, a human life is destroyed! this has been going for years and it’s murder! how would you like it if instead of having a great chance at life, your fate was decided for you to use on some silly science that scientists are “hoping” or “expecting” will get some where one day? it’s all a load of baloney.

  • @dani:

    “only God can make life and we weren’t meant to create other living things. besides, it takes usually over 100 failures to make at least one successful cell, that usually ends up dying anyways.”

    Procreation, dear. We can make other living “creatures”. It can take some people over 100 failures (due to infertility, spontaneous abortions, etc) to have a child — which is going to die anyway, due to mortality.

    I’d like to know where you get your figures for cloning. Indeed, “there have been no records at all of a healed disease from harvesting eggs from women’s ovaries for stem cells”. Initially, there was also no records at all of people being healed from receiving medication, vaccines, etc. All new scientific methods need to be broken in, to be refined until they reach a point where they can be used by the general public for their intended goal.

    “for every embryo that’s used, a human life is destroyed”

    I direct you to this page. More specifically, this paragraph:

    “Miscarriage statistics can be dramatic. Miscarriage reportedly occurs in 20 percent of all pregnancies. However, according to some sources, this may be an inaccurate number. Many women, before realizing a life has begun forming within them, may miscarry without knowing it-assuming their miscarriage is merely a heavier period. Therefore, the miscarriage rate may be closer to 40 or 50 percent. Of the number of women who miscarry, 20 percent will suffer recurring miscarriages. “

    There you go. For every embryo that’s carried to term, there’s potentially a whole other embryo that’s being “kill[ed]”. It happens. At least with the cloned embryos’ “deaths” (I don’t consider them alive yet, but that’s a separate issue), there’s potential for another life to be saved.

  • kelly maire * & shelby marie *

    i like the monkey (:
    & the ferrets
    & the wolves
    & the pussy cats :P
    & the piggys
    & the roger rabbit
    & thats all

  • Garrett

    What about all those people who are in need of a organ. This day in age we have more people that are in need of an organ then their are organ donors. The cloned animals could be cross-breed with human genes and their organs would be available for cross-species organ transplants. “Close to three thousand people die each year waiting for an organ.” -Wrote the Minnesota Daily. (The cloning debate by Debbie Stanley.) Also cloning doesn’t have to be within animals. We already have something called a cell line. A cell line is the creating of individual cells; this technique is already being used for diabetes, hemophilia, and cystic fibrosis. Imagine all the possible medical breakthroughs that could come from animal cloning.

    Also Dani, your quote (Which who knows were you got from.)can only be implied to those people who believe in god cause what does

    “only God can make life and we weren’t meant to create other living things. besides, it takes usually over 100 failures to make at least one successful cell, that usually ends up dying anyways.”

    mean if you don’t believe in god.

  • Jay

    this is so wrong to use animals for our medical needs…when animals have their own medical needs to deal with…

  • duece

    I, personally, commend everyone who has spoken out about the religious/ethical view-point of all this cloning. I do NOT at all believe that we should clone humans. I agree, partly, with one of the earlier posts, about how we should clone human cells and/or organs, but we shouldn’t go as far as to clone limbs. Maybe, just maybe, we could clone smaller parts, like fingers, eyes, or ears, and even hearts or lungs(etc.), but not large things like arms or legs. And with cloning animals, we could clone animals for better or more food, or preserving a species, or even pets (like
    #11 “CopyCat”). We shouldn’t humans or even close pets, we should accept death as a natural thing. I am one for using the Bible as a good sturdy rock to fall back on or to use as proof, I believe it as real, and for those of you getting all over people for it, did you know that there is more evidence proving that Jesus Christ was born and lived during that same time period than there is of Julius Caesar and Pompeii? The same thing with the parting of the Red Sea. How could people who consider themselves “intellectuals” not believing in some kind of deity? That is true ignorance; ignorance of someone(or thing) greater, smarter, more creative than humans? Good job Dani, and any other Christians(I presume that was the god you were referring to dani) who aren’t afraid to stand up for what’s right. God bless you.

  • PennieLain

    Ok, cloning is cool and cloning human body-parts is coming up quickly. I love the pigs, they are used to transplant organs to humans because they were cloned to have none of this special gene that makes humans reject the organs. Yay transplants. And Blufindr, you are right on the money, the rate at which cloning works is equiviolant or better than that of regular pregnancies. I hope we will eventaully clone smart people from the past, like Ben Franklin or some of them, they would have different experiences, but would probably be just as smart and that’d be cool, we need more smart people.

  • me

    dani if god is the only who could create life how do we get babies

  • Randy

    I am following the discussion, and to be honest, find those who express revulsion certainly entitled to their feelings, but in the harshness of their words, I find myself feeling insulted. If you want to express your feelings, do so in a way that reaches others rather than condems. Share your feelings here, but please don’t be brutal about it. Brutality reaches no one’s ears. Yes, some of the processes I read of are not kind to animals. For those who have saved genetic material from a beloved pet, so as to create a potential kitten or dog, the love, the loss, the desire to hold on to a beloved is so understandable. I sit here today, trying to decide if I will pay another yearly storage fee for my pets genetic material, knowing this is not the time to make a clone, wondering what the pros and cons are, whether I am just groping for a loss I can not contain. Whatever you do or say here those who disagree, remember at the heart of it all, you’ve got some grieving people here, for whom losing a pet was like the loss of a child. I consider my next move, the fee, and what I am doing very carefully.

  • clones are awsum! i am a clone myself! >___>

  • mz winterhawk

    can any body give a real reason besides trying to “save an endangered species” or “research for different diseases” that it is necessary to clone these animals its just a big competition of who can play god better !!!!

  • Scientists are now able to clone things (Example: Animals) by DNA structure. Does thid mean that God’s creation is false?

  • Tyler

    mz winterhawk, are you suggesting that saving an endangered species or researching to stop deadly diseases isn’t a very good reason?

    Agh, human stupidity angers me. Hindering progress with claims of “The Bible says we can’t clone animals” or “Cloning animals for food is wrong” is just ignorant. Without any solid proof against cloning, I say go for it. After all humans are notoriously good at fixing problems AFTER they create them.

  • You people need to learn that many animals have died during cloning and have had no chance at life. You people disgust me.

  • Titan

    Plus for all we no the person who wrote the bible could have been insane

  • Serph

    Don’t waste your time speaking with the thoughts of “God.” Trying to include him in your arguments for this is simply stupid. Some people actually have good intentions using cloning, but instead you belittle them for trying to save other living animals.

    Acting like cloning is “God”-forsaken is stupid. You might as well hate medicine and all the sciences of the world.

  • Titan


  • i think the idea of cloning is horrible! Why can’t we just let nature do its own?

  • Titan

    Cuz if we did then we would have destroyed our planet by now

  • brad

    Cool story bro

  • story

    if i could copy paste this whole comment page, I’d have an awesome controversy report. But, instead i have to look stuff up. Poo.

  • Bmd153

    Science and Religion run thin lines with each other I choose Science over religion because religion is too indefinite. There are over 20 different religions, but there is only one science.
    People will forever do what they see fit, there is not a way to stop people from killing any one species of planet on this earth legally or not. Why not help revive, are people that dumb “I don’t like the thought an animal going extinct, but when it comes down to two animals left on the planet I still won’t support cloning.” that’s what your saying What’s wrong with it, they aren’t using stem cells. If you say that everything should go by the laws of nature drop you ipod, cellphone, and Mp3 player and burn your mostly un-organic house to the ground. The human population has no right to use these laws anymore because we are above any predator… on this planet the only thing that is our predator are the drug immune diseases, parasites, and ourselves. No one has a right to say we can’t

  • Check out this web site and learn what is really happening. Your life may depend on it!

  • cloning animals is a good idea says people

  • @disgusted

    dear disgusted,

    if we clone humans and eat them instead, that would be considered cannibalism. that makes ME disgusted.

  • Andrew

    Cloning is perfectly natural! What makes me sick is that people are still making up excuses why not to clone! Oh its going to insult your friggen made up GOD!!! Well I’m sick of it. Religion is the worst thing that has happened to the world and is the real root of all evil. HELOO! just look at the Middle East. They are living proof. They have it in their tiny mest up brains that their god is telling them to kill us americains, and what about those priests! THEY ARE STILL RAPING LITTLE BOYS! that just shows you how religion is messed up and made only for power. I can’t believe religion still gets in the way of things. Especially nowadays. I mean there is no reason to NOT clone. We humans can use this to create organs for transplant, to study and eradicate diseases, to bring back and study the extinct! There is nothing wrong with it! It will only help us. And the almighty FICTIUOS character GOD wont care! You know why!!? Cuz he isnt freaking real!!!

  • Joseph

    “Only GOD can create life”??? What BS! Humans have been making their own babies since…..forever. This is just another means of creation! I promis on my life that God won’t get angry and he won’t be insulted if we start cloning regularly the way we should by now. You know why!? Cuz God aint real! There is no one up in the clouds to get angry! People need to understand this already ASAP!

  • animal testing is cruel

    creating these animals to fill them with diseases for medical studies is fucking cruel!

  • Tara

    This can be seen as good or bad depending on the viewers standpoint obviously. Although cloning can help create more food and maybe some day be perfected into somthing better there is always a downfall. This can cause more pain in a short lived life. Dolly is an example. However this is allowing scientists to study ways of finally curing disease. I cant really say I have a side on this. I do not agree with the pain it causes animals. If it could be pain free and allow animals and people to live in a more humane environment, then I say go for it. If there is no way that this will ever be perfected, then this needs to stop, cause it is causing to much harm right now. And this decision needs to be made soon.

  • I don’t see what problem people have with cloning people. It isnt as if we hate identical twins- and its pretty much the same deal, just one is younger than the other.

  • name

    not cool

  • did you know they actually are puting human genes into beef so that the meat is more tender, meaning tastier? :3 yummy stuff. i agree religion is so bother some, just gets in way of things,but i do belive animals should NOT be cloned innappropiatley, (sorry for spelling) like cows, have been modified that the produce ATON of more milk then they ever should normaly,causing them to not be able to support their own weight thus, breaking limbs tearing muscles, and just bringing suffering. so yeah… ^^

  • this is sick

    do these clones even know whats happening??? i mean it seems so unreal. this is so sick and wrong. its so scary to who would want to clone such a peaceful animal. and why would people get the idea of cloning humans? whats happening to the world. we are falling apart and depending on something that is not real. this is so sick and wrong in so many ways i can’t even explain

  • blah

    its not “repulsive” its sicentific and important so that the human race understands more about how theese types of things work we might need theese methods in the future! i think its no different to breeding animals for a reason like dairy cattle or race horses they dont perpously kill them they want them to live for studies and the animals well being!!! soooo….. thats my view

  • killing animals for ourselves is a right we have gained over the years , animals are nothing but a useless piece of junk taking up space of the planet if we dont want the world to end we need to make some sacrifices, we may kill and eat up all the chickens in the world but we’re not doin this shit for us, we’re doin it to save the plnet and never let our kids starve…..

  • Anonymous

    First off, let me tell you all out there. THERE IS A GOD. how do you know he would get angry. In the bible it clearly texts that God is not an angry God!God is the only one who can give life, becuase he made us and he made our bodies in a way that we can recreate. That was his gift to us; the ability to have and give life. And cloning animals is rediculous, the animals are part of nature and they do not belong to us so that we can do whatever we want with them. Whatever happens happens for a reason, and if someone needs translants, then they have to deal with it. God has his timing for everything and it should not be in our hands to decide what lives and what dies!

  • reg

    relax, if they clon people it will be cool, dont you want to see what that would be like.

  • orange

    just for all of you people who are against modifying animals, people, and food, right now if you have a pet of any kind destroy it. acording to you its morally wrong also you should stop eating all food that is domesticated so basically everything let me know how that works out for you. man didnt just discover the cow, and the chicken which have no survival instincts of there own also all crops weren’t always so easy to get. and back to cloning i hope for your sake you dont know any twins also theres more then just one type of cloning people can save animals that have gone extint because of us or we can clone organs instead of waiting for somebody to die or for those starving countires give them food and on the religious side i think its safe to say god would be cool with man using the brain he gave us to improve life for everyone
    p.s for the grammer police i am deeply sorry

  • jack

    i think cloning animals is horrible this are poor inanest animals that should have a chance in this world like everyone less i mean look at noah the gaur dose that look like he is health or in enjoying life like we all should i think we should leave the creating up to the one and only GOD you all can say what u want but it wrong any way u turn it i mean what is this world coming to whats next illegal test tube babies

  • Michael kolor

    thnx alot, its nice 2 c othrs of my kind (im a clone)

  • 21

    Ummm…. does no one think of over population? At the rate the world is growing, we will kill out all other animals habitats. So for you all of you for cloning, good news is humans will survive but no natural animal would. They’d probably be clones in zoos. The world only has so much room. For the God issue, God is a jealous God (as said in the bible), and so cloning and creating life you are playing a god. He does not like that.

  • frog

    All scientific endeavor is what we humans are about, and long may it reign. However when the application of inventions or breakthroughs does not appear to have any appeal to the general masses, then it is right that there should full clarity and public involvement. When I hear that cloned meat or eradiated food does not require labeling, then it cuddles my blood, and sends a clear message, that we have allowed our ‘masters’ to dominate our lives, without due process. Read Brave New World and other works. Don’t forget, Soylent Green is PEOPLE!! We’ve got to stop them — SOMEHOW!!!

  • phil

    Dolly the sheep was a failure, and died an early death with several unusual health problem as a direct result of cloning. No more were made. Cloning and GM in general have one and only one purpose, to produce patented life forms that can be licensed, it is not done for advancement of science, or improvement of the breed, and saving species from extinction is a red herring, the motive is greed and profit pure and simple, and how convenient that just like GM crops, the USDA/FDA have used substantial equivalence rules to rule out any safety testing. Eat it at your peril.

  • @

    listen up you fucken little athiests THERE IS A GOD and if you think otherwise u should keep your ass shut cuss there are alot of religous people out there and P.S. your examples are retarted but probably expected from a shit bag like uuuuuuuuuuuu

  • dolly died cuss of alung cancer that was common among sheep that are 6 or 7

  • ebony

    this is sad you people shoyuld put a stop to this! many animals die because o this! ps: from a middle school kid!

  • I agree with that middle school kid because i’m only 13 myself and this should be put to an end. lets just hope that you all aren’t behind all of this!!!

  • Tyler McGilton

    The person who made fun of athiests, you just cussed and said god in the same sentence. Just thought I’d throw that out there. To all those who don’t agree with this and to those who say that its all for profit and greed. Your wrong.

    The scientists doing the work aren’t making any profit from trying to cure things. ha

  • BioEthicsRetropescetive

    I think, assuming a cloned animal has a much more painful and worse life is not a claim you could actually validate. We have equipment now (sensors, nueral imaging tech), which could show you indisputably how much an animal like the stable and serene-looking Dolly really ‘suffered’… The truth? The sheep ‘suffered’ from nothing but a somewhat shortened lifespan. We believe this is do ONLY to the state of her Mitochondrial DNA, which influences/controls metabolism and aging in the body as we get older. A clone’s Mit. DNA would be in a slighlty more tattered shape, representing the adult it was cloned from, which is why Dolly only lived the equivalent of the REMAINDER of her lifespan, not her full lifespan… one could even say, thusly, she in fact died from NATURAL CAUSES, as dieing from old age as our metabolisms/mitochondria malfunction is the way all organisms die under ideal (in this case being called ‘Natural’) circumstances.

    whether and embryo (which shows no consciousness beyond subconscious nuero-function as a natural byproduct of its developement) actually suffers is also pretty disprovable… if a person is in a coma (showing the same level of conscious activity, or sometimes more, than any embryo/fetus) THEY FEEL NO PAIN… If you are simple anethsetized… YOU FEEL NO PAIN… Why anyone would think un un-feeling embryo or fetus could even “Feel” “Pain” is honestly a sign of that persons lack of understanding of biology and nuero-science.

    Yes, some failed/botched cloning attempts result in birth-defects and health problems in the final organisms, but we’re pretty certain thats due to a lack of refinement in the feild (which is due to research being restricted so heavilly) which could be eliminated if the cultural taboo on cloning-studies was reconsidered. Really, the people upholding the research, and restricting the freeflow of information/findings/etc are more responsible for the attrocities of cloning-mistakes, than the scientists/researchers doing the trails, as a scientist doesn nothing but try and be SUCCESSFUL in his pursuits, and cloning a fast-dead malformed blob-animal, is NOT what any scientist would honestly consider a ‘success’. The scientist, as much as the animal right advocates, want a healthy/happy animal to result from cloning… thats why they want so bad to work deeper on the topic/processes.

    Thats my 2 cents. ;)
    And just for the record… Im spiritually inclined, but anti-religion… Religions exist to direct/control… which is clearly not the will/intention of the creator of this, a clearly free-will universe.

  • charlie

    I don’t think that cloning can ever save a species from extinction, at least not in the long term as all you’d have are loads of the same genes again and again. You need a good 30 or so individuals to maintain a healthy gene pool so if they are all clones the species exists, but is not viable in the wild so may just as well be dead and gone.

  • Stephanie&Bekah&Bio tech class

    bekah thinks- God gives us all choices, and it us up to us to decide the right way to use the choices.

    jenny thinks- god=real<3 cloning=good Glee=AMAZING! oh my goodness it was great! did you see when they sang blame it?!?!? It was sooooooo good! almost better then when Jamie Foxx sings it ;)

    Stephanie agrees with both :D <3 calm down people where is the world peace?!?!

  • dusterduck

    In genetic engineering, we’re not ‘creating’ anything new. We’re shuffling existing DNA. In all our great intelligence and autonomy, we can’t even ‘create’ a blade of grass from scratch. We’re just using existing building material. If we can use and manipulate existing resources for the good of mankind, that’s something we can celebrate – there are many diseases cured or prevented today that our not so distant reles died of, eg smallpox, tetanus, pneumonia, TB. But, if we are ‘creating’ embryos and then destroying them, either for therapeutic or reproductive purposes, that’s unethical. The end doesn’t justify the means. People who don’t believe in God as the creator, usually put their ‘faith’ in evolution and typically don’t have any issue with cloning. It actually takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe in God. There’s a world of evidence that animals reproduce after their own kind – which is what God said would happen. Not only do we have no evidence of even one species changing its DNA and becoming another species in nature, scientists can’t successfully ‘evolve’ animals either.

  • Think Before You Speak

    Ok, faith is not required in evolution due to the fact that it has been proven. If you will please take a look at a recently evolved bacteria by the name of MRSCA, or Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, which is a bateria that evolved to be resitant specifically to human made anitibiotics. As for cloning, this is a complex issue with many sides even if we do remove religion from the table. While I do agree that animals should not be needlessly injured for science or amusment, I know that the experiments that are done on animals would never pass an Ethical Review Board for experimentation on human beings. I know I am about to offend plenty of people with my next statment, but it must be said. Humans are more important than animals. End of story. If cloning animals will give us a way to extend the length of life of even one human then I say go for it. When we take a look at the number of people that starve to death each year, (“4 million will die this year.” according to http://library.thinkquest.org/C002291/high/present/stats.htm) how can we be so selfish as to say that cloing food is wrong? Due to the fact that every person who has commented on this site obviously has a computer and pays money for internet each month….how can you be so selfish as to say that cloning for food is wrong?

  • dusterduck

    ‘Multiply-resistant Staphylococcus aureus’, aka ‘Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus’, also known as ‘Golden Staph’, resistant to usual antibiotics, are not an example of mutation (evolution). MRSA remains a germ. It has not evolved into something more complex. These “supergerms” have been artificially (albeit unintentially) bred by man in the fastidiously hygienic environment of hospitals.
    I agree, humans are more important than animals. But why would you even say that if we evolved from animals?
    What sets us apart is that we are created in God’s image. Animals aren’t.

  • Breakd0wn

    If we have been created in your gods’ ( and I say gods cause you have such a half-ass loophole to poly and monotheistic view of your god)image and likeness, then doesn’t that make us demigods? Genesis 1:26

    If your gods told us to be bountiful and populate, who are you to criticize our population size?
    If your gods told us to rule all the creatures from the depths of the seas to the highest reaches of the sky, who are you to question our methods? Genesis 1:28

    You say man is corrupt and he has no right to play god? Then who do you think wrote your precious and holy texts and who do you think has translated it from language to language?

    How can you believe in something when it’s very fabrics are hypocritical and are full of contradiction?

    You say it takes more faith to believe in factual science and proven theories. I say I rather believe in what can be proven and is tangible, and you can go believe in an entity that put you on a planet that tries to kill you every chance.

  • Olivegrl232

    I think cloning is definitely an interesting concept, yet I do not think humans should use it. I believe that it is not humane to clone. I believe in individuality, not copies of the same animal for human consumption. I think that meat cloning is just heartless production only for the animal to be slaughtered and eaten. I think it is an interesting development, but all creatures were made to be different. Let’s not change that.

  • Nathan

    I think it’s amazing how ignorant not just atheist can be but a lot of you people on this site can be. Some of you people don’t realize what good has come out of all gene modification. I’m in no way insulting atheism or any other religion, or anybody. I’m sorry if it comes across this way. Everyone is entitled to believe in whatever it is they want. I just want to let y’all know that by the discoveries that could come out of this. Open your minds people. For example. Maybe one day they would have to technology to actually save a person 100% from death. No waiting or guessing. A 100% chance that they can let that person just live a little longer to either see his children grow up or to live his life. God created the animals to be ruled by humans. Genesis 1: 24-31, The sixth day: God said: I command the earth to give life to all kinds of tame animals, wild animals, and reptiles, .” and that’s what happened. God made every one of them. Then he looked at what he had done and it was good. God said, “Now we will make humans, and they will be like us. We will let them rule the fish, the birds, and all other living creatures. So God created humans to be like himself. He made men and women. God gave them his blessing and said have a lot of children Fill the earth with people and bring it under your control. Rule over the fish n the ocean, the birds in the sky, and every animal on the earth. I have provided all kinds of fruit and grain for you to eat. And I have given you the green plants as food for everything else that breathes. Theses will be good for, both wild and tame, and for birds. God looked at what he had done. All fit was very good. Evening came and then mooring -that was the sixth day. Yes religion does get in the way. You people who say this is immoral. You shouldn’t use God as your argument. It isn’t right. This isn’t a question about faith. This is a question about science. And yes they are both very real. There is no just one right religion. Why do you think there are so many in this world? Every book in the bible was written by someone different. And every one of those people experience God in a different way. So therefore we experience him in a different way. The Bible has been translated many times. Stop taking the bible for the literal translation. I don’t like the idea that animals suffer. But they suffer for the better good of us. Would it be better if it was your child and not a animal? Let me tell y’all something…… WE ARE ALL ANIMALS. We do this so are children can live in a world with better technology and better medicines that have been improved. This is all for the survival of mankind. God has a reason for everything that we do. Stop being so narrow minded and except what this world is for what it is. God made it exactly how he wanted. It. That’s why Jesus died for us. So we could be saved. God is not angry. He may be disappointed. But our sins have been forever forgiven because of the ultimate sacrifice that He made for us. God is real, Science is real. We do all of this stuff to save the lives of our children. Every day children die from diseases that we know nothing about. We can stop all of that. We can give a child with no shot at life a better chance to have that shot. We can help this world and everyone in it. Isn’t that what God wanted? For us to help each other? Or do you think he just intended for us to do nothing for ourselves? Do you think he wanted us to not try to do something for us and for our own kind? Do you think that we should just stop all scientific genes or any other science projects and let everyone die from world hunger, Aids, Cancer, Heart diseases, Diabetes, HIV? Think about this. Also. I’m a freshman in high school. Even I can see what we need to do for ourselves.

  • Marilyn

    I am doing a presentation on the cloning debate, and can understand everyones points of view, just hope they dont do the cloning of some adults especially one of my tutors lol

  • guyblow

    i’ll bet that likes boys… the horrors of cloning.

  • guyblow


  • Nathan


  • a person

    I can’t beleive that people actually think that there is natural variation with the exact same genetic makeup. The reason that the clones look different is because they are pictured with their foster mothers, where they were implanted after having the nucleus of their egg replaced, and not the animals they were cloned from.

  • ben

    stop fucking playing god

  • Genetics

    To say that animal cloning is useless and cruel is not only an opinion, but a blatant reminder of someone’s ignorance. Do not make claims when you don’t have anything to back them up. Technology is the future. Cloning and cell duplicatation logically makes sense as the next step towards making medical advances we’ve never thought were possible. I believe that people use their “God” as an excuse to not accept the unknown. It’s so easy to be ignorant under the notion that God runs your life.

  • Sakshi Ahuja

    I am very appreciate by this.I am Sakshi Ahuja, a passionate Delhi model girl living in the middle of Delhi city.

  • Sakshi Ahuja

    I am very appreciate by this.I am Sakshi Ahuja, a passionate Delhi model girl living in the middle of Delhi city.

  • ViraListe

    This is interesting but i think we should not do things like that as human.