25 Hottest Men of Business

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Editor’s note: After reading our Hottest Women of Business article, a reader named Sarah challenged us to do a Hottest Men of Business article. So we challenged her back -> you write it, we’ll post it. She met her end of the bargain. And we’re meeting ours.

Some men are lucky enough to have it all: Success, looks, status, and money. Other men are just plain hot. We found the creme de la creme of hot businessmen to make up this list. Although not everyone is well known, each man is successful in both the business and looks departments. See which one of these studly biz hunks lights your fire.

25. Michael Lahyani

Call him Michael Lan-yummy. 27-year-old Michael Lahyani is the CEO of Swiss Media Group, now co-owned by Rupert Murdoch. He runs several magazines, including the equestrian magazine Equestrio, as well as a property site called propertyfinder.ae, one of the biggest in the United Arab Emirates.

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  • You’ve done well, my friends. Very well! :)

  • Mae

    I am very disappointed with some (not all) of the choices made. Yes, successful in their own rights, but to deserve a place on the “25 hottest” list? I’m not so sure.

  • Kandi

    This list is a joke. Perez? Dell? It is an insult to women. Who are the people that put this list together? Blind? Obviously.

  • tara

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  • most of them are really ugly and a few old there are a few hot ones there like Brad Pitt and David Beckham i don’t even know some of them

  • ranza

    wtf?! you’re insane man! those are all old pricks!

  • MARK


  • Mindy

    There might be many hot one,There might be many smartone’s.There might be many hot one and smart one’s.I like the only one I know.