Arrow Trucking Lays Off Employees by Stranding Them at Truck Stops

Image: Overdrive Digital

Tulsa-based Arrow Trucking is leaving its drivers around the country stranded as it faces financial difficulty. Tulsa World reports:

Drivers from Tennessee to Wyoming said they have had the company stop payment on their gas cards, stranding them at truck stops around the country. Arrow President and CEO Doug Pielsticker could not be reached for comment, nor could Executive Vice President Joe Mawry.

An administrative aide at the company, who did not want to be identified, said the company executives told about 200 people in the offices at 4230 S. Elwood Ave. to pack their belongings and go home Tuesday morning. And workers could be seen carrying boxes out from the company’s offices as wrecker trucks hauled semitrailers away. Most of the telephones at the company were not working, she said.

(One source) said workers weren’t given their last paychecks and benefits have been cut off. Some drivers are stranded along their
routes and are struggling to find a way home because of orders to sideline the rigs, she said.

Arrow, which operates about 1,400 trucks throughout the United States, is in financial difficulty, drivers say.

Ouch. That is one nasty way to lay off employees. I hope they have a good explanation for this.

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  • Jacque Bledsoe

    My son’s dad has been stuck in Tulsa staring out of a hotel window watching tons of Arrow trucks being towed to the local impound. Not only have these workers lost their jobs, but have lost their belongings inside those trucks. With this he has lost his job, home, belongings and the money he has invested in a truck he was leasing from Arrow. No warning, no money, nothing. Merry Christmas Arrow Trucking Execs. Hope you are enjoying the glow of your Christmas trees, the smiles on your childrens faces as they open their gifts and the smell of the turkey and ham that will fill your bellies. The others will be counting their coins in the hopes that they have enough to purchase a plate of hot fries as they figure out where they will lay their heads tonight!

  • SuckerPunched

    How Ol’ Dougy Stole Christmas….Almost.
    T’was the week before Christmas, and all across the nation.
    Arrow truckers were stranded, they couldn’t get home for vacation.
    They wondered and waited for help to arrive.
    The Company Chief said they were on their own to survive.
    The company lawyer said it was up to them to be handled.
    After all, Ol’ Dougy stole our money and gambled.

    While in Bentleys and Maseratis Ol’ Dougy did drive.
    Arrows truckers were left stranded, some barely alive.
    While in private jets, around the country the Pielstickers they flew.
    All of Arrow’s employees were about to be screwed.
    Three days before Christmas they were out of a job.
    All the while Ol’ Dougy hid from the angry mob.

    Ol’ Dougy he laughed with glee and with cheer.
    He thought he had made off with Christmas this year.
    But then something happened that he would never believe.
    The spirit of America gave the drivers a Christmas reprieve.
    From around this great nation came calls and came texts.
    People from all over asked “How can we help the best”?
    The drivers were given all kinds of good things.
    The drivers were rescued by angels without wings.
    From plane and bus tickets, to money and rides.
    All of the while Ol’ Dougy he still hides.
    From Seattle to Tampa, New York to Hollywood.
    From rich and from poor, they did what they could.

    There are two Arrow angels I can’t fail to mention.
    Although I am sure that they don’t want the attention.
    They spent Christmas Eve driving around in a Jeep.
    To bring food and bring toys to others in deep.
    With donation from family, from friends and from strangers.
    They drove though the snow storm without thought of the dangers.
    JP and the Moose Man went far out of their way.
    To make sure that their co-workers were cared for this day.
    They could have kept the things others donated.
    But, Just like Ol’ Dougy, they would have been hated.

    Because the spirit of Christmas is alive and is well.
    I won’t tell Ol’ Dougy to go straight to hell.
    Since I don’t want to lower myself to his level.
    I won’t say that Ol’ Dougy himself is the Devil.
    Now good Ol’ Dougy must run for his life.
    With diamonds and gold and his new trophy wife.

    Because of the people who helped the Arrow employees.
    Tonight when its bed time I’ll get down on my knees
    I’ll give thanks to the heavens. I’ll give thanks to dear Jesus.
    That I live in this great country, with the neighbors he gave us.
    I’ll give thanks to the heavens. I’ll give thanks to dear Jesus.
    That for every greedy man, There are many angels too save us.
    While the employees were fired without care or warm thought.
    American angels have shown us, that forgotten we’re not.
    The last thing I will say as Arrow Trucking Fades out of sight.

    I want to thank every single person the helped An Arrow driver, employee or anyone else that has been effected by this tragic event.

    I never met the man, but from what I’ve been told, the generosity that we have been shown by this nation in the last few days, is the American spirit that Jim and Carol Pielsticker stood for. Too bad it skipped a generation. Jim, Carol, and the Pielsticker name deserve better.
    I want to thank JP Price And Brice “Moose Man” Rasmussen for letting me be a small part of what they did on Christmas Eve. Better men you will never find.

  • Tim

    This is a prime example of why people must stick together to protect themselves against the wrong-doings of corporations. Most corporations have no compassion towards their employees and they feel no obligation to them. Take the money and run is the capitalist motto. Always has been and always will be.

    This type of behavior is absolutely unacceptable and the people that ran this company should be jailed. Put in hand-cuffs and thrown in jail, while awaiting their trial; just like every other “citizen” would have to.