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  • 10 Ways Social Media is Changing Advertising

    10 Ways Social Media is Changing Advertising Social media is more widespread now than it has ever been and it just makes sense the corporations are getting interested and more involved. Businesses see this as a way to keep better tabs on their target market, engage with potential customers, and more. You can learn about […]

  • Seasonal Products Boost Sales

    10 Ways Seasonal Products Boost Sales

    This year, the rumbling of pumpkin spice barreling into stores nears you came a little early. Even the (in)famous PSL made its annual debut on August 28th instead of the usual September first. It’s unlikely that Peter Dukes knew that he was going to change the world when he invented the Pumpkin Spice Latte 15 […]

  • Big Companies Killed By One Mistake

    10 Big Companies Killed By One Mistake

    Business truly is a dog eat dog world. If one company can’t execute itself well, another one will quickly pop up and take its place and its profits. That is an extremely stressful prospect, so many businesses go through very careful planning to make sure that they can remain afloat and rise to the top. […]

  • 10 Times Movies Depicted Big Businesses As The Villain

    As pop culture shifts with time, it becomes harder to make compelling villains and to ensure that the audience can feel with the protagonist. Because of that, combined with the economic changes over the last decade, big business has become a more prominent ‘bad guy’ in a lot of films. In this list, you can […]

  • Ten Ways AI Drives the Future of Big Business

    Artificial intelligence at its core is intelligence demonstrated by machines. AI first surfaced as an academic discipline in 1956 and has made leaps and bounds since then. The AI that we’re most exposed to today is what’s considered narrow AI. Narrow AI is designed to perform a narrow task such as only driving a car […]

  • Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Google

    Google has simplified the lives of people around the world since 1998; it has done this so effectively that it’s easily one of the largest companies in the world. Google is a leader in innovation, and it is responsible for well over 100 products and services to date that people use and rely on every […]

  • Dirty Money: 10 Ways That Landscaping Companies Stay In the Black

    Landscaping is an incredibly profitable business, but most people seem to think of it as seasonal. However, there is a lot less seasonality to this business than you would think. There are plenty of things that landscaping companies do in the off-season (and throughout the year!) that make them as profitable as they are. You […]

  • Landfill

    10 Businesses That Dominate The Landfill

    There are some things that consumers buy knowing that it will outlive its usefulness and end up in the garbage, but there are some things that people buy just to throw away. In America, there are about 5 pounds of waste generated per person per day, mounting up to 230 million tons in a year. […]

  • Scarcity

    10 Ways Multiplayer Gaming Economies Reflect Real World Economy

    Massive, multiplayer online games have been around for well over a decade but they’ve only become more mainstream in the past few years. Gaming is something that used to be looked down on by others that didn’t understand the hobby. Times have changed. In MMORPGs, there is an economy. Usually, there is some kind of […]

  • Cannabis Industry

    10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Cannabis Industry

    People have been fighting for legalization ever since the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, and there has finally been some success on that front. The recent boom in the cannabis industry has led some people down new roads, but they aren’t trekking any new paths. People have been using, trading, and selling cannabis since at […]

  • Amusement Parks

    10 Seasonal Markets That Make Bank

    Seasonality is a fact of life in some industries. Seasonality is predictable patterns in business activity where most (or all) of the business takes place during a specific time of year. While that seems like a financial nightmare waiting to happen, some seasonal businesses are some of the most profitable out there. In this list, […]