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  • Modesty

    10 Mistakes Not to Make on Your Resumé

    While a resume may feel like it is a thing of the past with how thorough job applications have become, most places that you apply still expect for you to present one. It is also an extremely important skill to have as your career progresses. However, it isn’t something that you’re ever taught to do. […]

  • Pomodoro Technique

    10 Methods of Time Management At Work

    Time management is the one thing that most people struggle with the most in their work lives. It stems from years of bad habits, the inability to just say no when it’s needed, and from overloading your plate on a day to day basis. In the article below, you will read about ten different approaches […]

  • Market Research Analysts

    10 Jobs That Will Eventually Be Replaced by AI

    AI is short for artificial intelligence, which is something you are probably familiar with by now. If you aren’t, artificial intelligence is very simply intelligence that is demonstrated by machines. Over time, it has become exceptionally capable. Because of the way that AI is expanding, it is likely that some jobs may be overtaken by […]

  • Endorsements

    10 Tricks Corporations Use to Get You to Buy More Food

    It’s no secret that things like candy and chapstick are placed right where you’ll see them, prompting you to make purchases based on impulse. But, the truth is that the things that corporations do to make you spend more money on food go so much deeper than you would think. From the use of psychology, […]

  • Crude Oil

    10 Disturbing Facts About the Black Market

    The Black Market has become something of an urban legend in modern times. No one set market exists that is set up like a flea market where people sell their human hearts alongside their illicit substances, which is the image most often conjured up. But, the black market is very real and thriving around the […]

  • Daily Emails

    Top 10 Most Obnoxious Marketing Techniques

    Marketing is essential in the business world, but there are some tactics that take things just a little too far and may be pushing your audience away instead of drawing them in. Some of the tactics commonly used lately are pushing away customers, and some have even made for some nasty PR blunders. In this […]

  • Best Office Chairs Buying Guide

    The Best Office Chairs of 2018 for Home & Business

    Today’s world is one where more and more often people not only find themselves sitting at a desk at work almost all of the day, but also at home for online shopping, social media, or watching silly cat videos. It’s very important for overall health to find the best office chair with the proper fit […]

  • AT&T and Time Warner

    Top 10 Biggest Corporate Mergers in History

    A merger is defined as an instance where two (or more) entities combine ownership of assets that were previously under separate control. These are a pretty standard way to get an edge on the competition in an open market while maintaining corporate infrastructure and saving existing jobs but have seen varying degrees of success on […]

  • They Really Like Riddles

    Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Apple

    The company that urges you to Think Different is full of a lot more surprises than you would think. While it has become a widely accepted fact that Steve Jobs was a bit eclectic, the way that has shaped Apple, and the way the company continues his legacy is remarkable. Here are ten things that […]