Employees’ Choice Awards: Is Your Company a Good Place to Work?

The folks at Glassdoor.com have just released their annual list of employee-nominated best and worst places to work, called the Employees’ Choice Awards. They gather input through surveys done by employees throughout the year. Here’s some background from the press release:

Glassdoor, a career and workplace community bringing greater transparency to company cultures, compensation and the interview process, today released the 2nd Annual Employees’ Choice Awards, listing the top 50 “Best Places to Work,” according to surveys collected in 2009 from U.S.-based employees at more than 38,000 companies.

Unlike many workplace-related awards that require companies to self nominate, Glassdoor relies solely on the input from employees throughout the year. The ranking of the top 50 list was determined by each company’s overall rating on Glassdoor, which is the cumulative average rating from employees who elected to participate in a 20-question survey between December 1, 2008 and December 1, 2009. The survey addresses key workplace factors, including work/life balance, career opportunities, communication, compensation and benefits, employee morale, recognition and feedback, senior leadership as well as fairness and respect.

Interestingly, they also offer a list of the 50 worst places to work. I found both lists interesting, so wanted to post them here for you to check out:

50 Best Places to Work

1. Southwest Airlines
2. General Mills
3. Slalom Consulting
4. Bain & Company
5. McKinsey & Company
7. Boston Consulting
8. Continental Airlines
9. Procter & Gamble
10. Juniper Networks
11. Northwestern Mutual
12. Kraft Foods
13. National Instruments
14. Google
15. NetApp
16. Goldman Sachs
17. FactSet
18. Medtronic
19. Publix
20. Chevron
21. FedEx
22. Apple
23. Edelman
24. Edward Jones

50 Worst Places to Work

1. Gibson Guitar
2. United Airlines
3. Spherion
4. AutoZone
5. Rain Bird
6. DHL Express (USA)
7. Level 3 Communications
8. Dominion Enterprises
9. Hertz
10. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
11. LexisNexis
12. DISH Network Corporation
13. Xilinx
14. Acxiom
15. Kmart
16. RadioShack
17. Panduit
18. Ferguson Enterprises
19. Cognizant Tech Solutions
20. Forever 21
21. Affiliated Computer Services
22. Hewlett-Packard
23. Sports Authority
24. Fastenal
25. Bed Bath & Beyond

  • AJ

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  • riverslp

    Not surprised at all that TSA Stores, Inc d/b/a The Sports Authority is in the top 25. One of the interview questions is what would you do if another employee curses at you? I found out later the the corporate culture there makes it okay for other employees to call you the N word because according to HR it is just a joke.