Google Cell Phone Tracker Follows Peoples’ Real-Time Locations


Google’s new mobile maps upgrade includes a cell phone tracker that lets you follow your friends’ or families’ locations in real-time. The cell phone tracker is called “Latitude.” It plots a user’s location using cell phone towers, GPS or Wi-Fi connections. Users’ pictures show up on the corresponding location on a Google map.

Google is initially releasing Latitude for phones running on Symbian and Windows Mobile. There’s a limited release for Android phones; Apple products are next. Google has also offered a version of the tracker for PCs.

From the AP:

Google can plot a person’s location within a few yards if it’s using GPS or might be off by several miles if it’s relying on transmission from cell phone towers. People who don’t want to be precise about their whereabouts can choose to display just the city instead of a specific neighborhood.

There are no current plans to sell any advertising alongside Google’s tracking service, although analysts believe knowing a person’s location eventually will unleash new marketing opportunities. Google has been investing heavily in the mobile market during the past two years in an attempt to make its services more useful to people when they’re away from their office or home computers.

I hope that Google Latitude opens doors for more successful targeted advertising efforts. I’m as tired as the next person of seeing Internet ads, but if Google’s cell phone tracker enables advertisers to put forth something useful on your cell phone–like coupons for the ice cream store you’re standing next to–that could be a benefit for everyone.

  • Daniel Katcher

    This is terrifying. It’s right out of Orwell’s 1984. I’m sorry that you decided to do this. You have changed the course of history with this move and not for the better.

  • Dylan Buttera

    wow, this is a scary thought. I can’t believe we have come to this day where you cannot go anywhere without being tracked.

  • Think about keeping your kids safe! And as for yourselves, just turn your cell phone off or… don’t go where you’re not supposed to!

  • Byron

    Its a great tool for keeping up with you teenager kids. You as the parent can actually ensure they are where the claim they are supposed to be. Now as for adults turn it off or don’t go where you shouldn’t.

  • Ben

    Its a great tool since i at times would find it difficult to find people that im looking for. How can i have access to it

  • Jeff

    Helpful! Don’t go where your not supposed to!!! It’s terrifying how naive people can be. Yes you can track your kids SO CAN OTHERS!! Who controls the information controls the power. Please, we have to stop this insanity, Facebook, Twitter, now realtime tracking, be afraid, be very afraid!

  • wahh!

    thats sucks now we cant let the cops get our simcards

  • winner

    did anyone else win up there?

  • thomas

    does the phone owner get a say ?or can any phone be tracked regardless?does it need to be turned off?do i need to leave it at home if i want to visit my floozy?protest meeting,etc.

  • WOW

    Wow that’s truly scary,to think that know anyone can track you at anytime is ridiculous. Man kind is supposed to have privacy that’s why we sleep behind doors ,live in houses and why their called CAVE Man.In this day and age this is a terrible idea and any sane man would shut down this project immediately. People are dangerous People with the ability to find you anytime are more so.

  • Kasey

    That’s Weird. Who Would Wanna Know Where Someone Else Is. That’s Creepers.

  • comradegunner

    i would be caue this girl took my cellphone phone and i cant get it back. but if you want to stop this befor it happens swich up numbers and text trust me it works i do it al the time and im untraceabul.

  • a;lskdjf

    Not to mention unintelligable.

  • Youssef

    Alright,people,calm down!
    In order to track somebody using latitude,you MUST ask for their permission and they must confirm that they have allowed you to track them. Besides,you are also able to choose ‘hide location’ from latitude’s interface. Eventually someone will figure out a workaround. But right now,you can’t be tracked that easily unless a law enforcement agency is after you,that’s another story.

  • Wayne

    This is exactly what parents need so that they can track the location of their kids and make sure they are safe and where they are supposed to be and when they are supposed to be!

  • Dave

    I belive this is a good idea not only to keep track of your kids but also our elderly if the get lost , those scard of the cops shouldnt be doing it then if there afriad of getting tracked down, and I belive it will help in locateing alot more of these ID theft people as well we got to do something or none of use will ever have any good creidt at the rate its going. If you think this is bad think of what the gov is already doing , most of this five our ten years old from what they are already using.

  • smiley

    well ive read enough. for those who fear this, your on the right track. for you unethicals, you should be glad to know there is a stealth program that not only does track your phone but listens in, copies texts oh and even scans your address book and yes its all in real time, so for you crack dealers who think you get by with texts, keep goin your doin a great job…guess what, it works great on anything wireless… so ive been told ;)

  • Music = Life

    haha i think this is soo fun! yet scary and sort of thrilling!! ya know??

  • thomas

    music=life=cretin!! ya know??

  • ankit

    to good thing to know ..i gonna be real fun to use this tool..
    now just tell me how to use and access to it….

  • Google’s really great, I love its maps and cell phones, thanks.

  • dee

    does all cell phone have trackers
    does prepaid have them

  • BGee

    For one So Calif family… the cell phone in their led them to their daughter’s car, parked near where she went jogging. 2 days later a registered offender was arrested. 1 day later her body was found. Locating her cell phone quickly was key to making an arrest by localizing the search area very quickly. Without that he might have gotten away a third time. The cell phone couldn’t save a life this time, but it might next time, for you or someone YOU love.

  • Dio

    They don’t need phones to track u. They have satulite looking at u, and if they zoom in on you they can hear you..

  • this girl took my phone and she says that sh edidn’t but she really did and she wants me to look her up because we r doing a contest to see who wins it and once i get my phone then i’m fine and i win the contest an dsh eis a bully to me she is really mean she will pour apple juice on you at school in front of everyone it is not good when shes mean.

  • thomas vesely

    ok, if i need to do an illegal thing i can just give my friend my phone for the day,there is part of my alibi.?

  • dan

    I think this should only be used by our law enforcement agency or gov. Not for private/personal purposes. So that when there is an alarm or whatever that needs help, then the authorize people can use this and track someone who needs help.
    If a bunch of goons would used it, perfectly, this is a great tool for them. Easy for there job.
    Everything in life that had been created is good. It just need to be used wisely. Just like TNT, its purpose is for good. But people used it for other things so it there it become a bad tool. So it will be depend on how people used it.

  • dibu

    how to use cellphone tracker? Please reply

  • javier

    This is a great tool if you use it for the right reason. Say you have a co-workers that need to find you at a worksite, or maybe you need to find a friend in a remote location. its not all evil end of the world techology.

  • zach

    Why is everyone freaking out. It only tracks you if you log in and tell it to. You can manually set your location anywhere you want and have it ignore gps. The only people who can see your location are those who you give permission to in the program. What’s so scary about that??

    It’s just the same as texting your friends to tell them where you are every five minutes. You can stop telling them, you can tell only the people you want to, and you can even lie about where you are. It’s just faster and easier than sending a text.

  • Do not believe this people its just a scam.Once they get your credit card number they will milk your bank account dry!

  • george

    how do i call your phone number to cancel

  • Azurren

    What a load of ball! Seriously take off your tin-foil hats and cut out the crack. It market you paranoid.

    Latidude is a good thing that you have to set-up if you want to use it. It is also secure.. You think law officails will bother with this? Ha! They can trak you with any mobile, your credit card, CCTV and comm sats. But why would they be traking you?

    Because your some alien from outa space right? Laughable. Pfffft. Its people like you who stop good things like DNA records from bring kept indefinatly, or nation wide ID. Things that help the inocent and hinder the guilty.

    Or was I right about the crack?

  • joel

    my phone is freaking me out. who is forwarding my calls.tracking me.please somebody help do i find out who this is.

  • Jimmy

    This technology sucks! Its why I never use a cell phn anymore. This age is getting scarier and scarier. Obama and his outlaw commies will use this crap to hunt down christians.

  • Vincent

    Azurren is probably a CIA employee. SCREW U DUDE! Tin foil hat my ass, this is pure invasion of privacy and your just a useful idiot if you truely see “no harm”. Better make sure your not anywhere your boss doesnt approve of otherwise YOU will be bitching!

  • Google Latitude is by far the best free cell phone tracking application out there right now. Great service if you’re into the whole location-sharing concept.

  • It’s a bit stalkerish, no?

  • There has been a significant boom in the use of GPS tracking devices, whether the application be for teen driving monitoring, employee tracking, improving route management, theft recovery or even family safety. However, it is important to note that cell phone tracking has many flaws because the devices use cellular tower triangulation rather than actual satellite triangulation of position.

  • AJS

    Uh, don’t download the app if this freaks you out. And don’t invite anyone to your friends list who you don’t want to know your location. How is this a scary concept. People make me laugh how they immediately jump to the “this is such a scary thing” conclusion. Wow. Get a life.

  • Les

    Only uncool for people that can’t be trusted. Cheaper than a private detective