Modest Needs Foundation: Help Out People Affected by the Financial Crisis


If you have $10-20 to give this season, a foundation called Modest Needs lets you find an individual or organization for whom that amount could make a positive difference. The cool thing about Modest Needs, which was just featured in CNN, is that it crowdsources small donations to make big changes for a person or charity whose cause means a lot to you.

I’m excited that somebody made it so easy to help people stuck in a personal financial crisis situation (these days, there are many). CNN has more:

Here’s how it works: People e-mail their requests — help with rent or a car repair or a medical bill, for example — to Modest Needs, whose seven-person staff researches and verifies their legitimacy. The vetted requests are then posted on, where donors can choose which ones they want to help fund. Once the funding level is reached, a check is sent out.

Gift certificates are available. A donor can contribute any amount and then let the gift recipient decide where it should go.

“You’re talking about huge, huge numbers of individual people giving just a little bit of what they have to make the lives of people who have short-term emergencies a little bit better by just keeping them on track, keeping them out of the social services system altogether,” (founder Keith) Taylor said.

Those individual contributions are multiplied by matching grants from larger donors. People often don’t realize how powerful just 10 or 20 dollars can be, Taylor said. In many cases, a small amount can stop a crisis in its tracks.

“It’s wonderful to see what this does for people,” Taylor said. “You don’t find out until after the fact what kind of an impact these little contributions that people are making; … you have no idea what kind of a change you really are making in the person’s life.”

It’s nice to give back to people in your own country, Kiva-style. I encourage you to check out the site.

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  • ahmed

    all i need is about 20000 dollars that will help me to save my life . you will not believe i am doctor 27 year old . all i need is some money to buy an apartment small one to live with her . in our country we have to marry to live to gether ,iam not hungry or live in the street but i need that money to save my love man , i know that there r people that need that to eat or medications or cause they r sick and iam not that . but really i need that man really to save my mind my life my love man can u help me i am not ly man i know that u will not believe me cause it is the internet where ly is the rule but believe me man i told u the truth . plz if u or any one can help me keep it secret cause i am doctor and that will embrass me here man . it the need man that make me do that , god help me . i contact other people but no help and some advise to contact you so if you can help e just contact me at this email i am from eygpt please do not hesitate if you can help me , please who read that if u can help me or u know any one who can , i repeat i am not ly man all i need is 20000 dollars to get an apartment please man i love her to degree that make me mad , i love her to degree that even me can not imagine man who read this message take it serous cause really i am in need , the need only the need who make me do this , i am hopless now i send alot of message but no help till now i recieve so please help me if u can , god help us all , please please help if u can

  • joshua brown

    i need enough money to buy a vehicle with air condition i have 3 kids im raisin alone youngest is 1 5000 would help trememdously im currently drawin unemployment my line of work i cant bring kids its been rough findin a sitter just alot of mess but i will repay anything i have no credit my x destroyed it along with everything else ty

  • donna drummond

    i need 1500 by 6 today .only have around 4 hra left, and i hr left on computer to use, i just got a job, will repay, but need that to pay everyday living

  • Raymond Smith

    I am a 73 year old man living in the country. I raised 8 children and 3 grandchildren last child left for military service, and now I am alone I have no children living near me to help with this. I have a long driveway and in need of a tractor with a loader to remove snow or money to buy one. I’d appreciate it if you could help me.

    Raymond P. Smith
    7021 S. Prairie LK RD
    Burrton KS, 67020
    home phone: 620-463-2665
    cell phone: 316-772-6560

  • Doina

    If God really exists when there is an escape for me.
    I took my business from which I and my family have lived quite well before the crisis, we made ​​loans that they could pay at the time, but now we have drained all the power we can not pay them, we risk lose our house, we like everything is against us, we got to live by the mercy of people, we have outstanding tax bills fees slippers we were broke and did not find any work for the company said that in 46 years are expired . I want to work somewhere abroad with her ​​husband for a decent wage in a way that can pay off all my loans and to assure a future for my daughter now I can not offer anything and it breaks my heart. All I want is you can get $ 150,000 so I can take life over again, for three years I received a lot of spiritual lessons and I know what I did to not get in such situations . Even if we got in this situation I broke my friends KEOSAKI Bob Proctor and many others like them although they would not be doing what I do now, but I feel that I can not.
    Thanks in advance those who will help me and I promise not to disappoint

  • firdaws

    am firdaws founder of African child foundation is NGO,i work at Ghana prison service were the juveniles are,other are there without having parent and after prison he has no where to go so i intend to help children but i do that through football i have 60 children now some go to school i think i look how to help them i will send u my sit i will do it on Friday u can call me 0240783410 thank you

  • firdaws