Tax Day Tea Parties = Branded Populist Anger


Today’s Tea Party phenomenon left me scratching my head. On the one hand, I’m appalled at the mountains of money being moved during the bailout process, and question the legitimacy of the entire process. If the Tea Parties had specific agendas relating to, say, auditing the Fed (a Ron Paul initiative) or kicking out Tim Geithner, I’d attend.

However, I don’t see what Barack Obama’s middle name, God, or Fox News have to do with the problem. The Tea Parties look like the same populist rage most people feel, but branded to fit neocons and libertarian sentiments.

In the influence economy, groups who want more power use common sentiments as biased platforms. This is what’s happening with the Tea Party, which could in fact be a unified forum. Instead, from what I’m reading online and in the MSM, it has become an outlet for frustrated conservatives, and an excuse for liberals to mock them.

The best take on the Tea Parties I found was in an InfoWars post by Harold Gray. I found the article idiosyncratic, but liked this excerpt:

We just witnessed the liberal, anti-war, anti-Patriot Act movement, co-opted by the slick packaging of hope and change, coupled with Obama’s cult of personality. Another predictive programming operation has now been implemented in order to imprint a false neo-conservative overlay over the growing liberty movement. This will trigger a negative auto-response by those unaware of the neuro-linguistic keywords used by the media to falsely label the movement, thus preventing the next crucial growth period from happening.

The liberal newspapers and blogs are playing the part by going after their predetermined enemy, but now categorizing the Tea Party movement as a pathetic swipe against Obama by the right. I do agree in some sense that the failed and discredited republicans are basing these events around attacking Obama, while ignoring issues such as the private Federal Reserve system.

The problem is that the Orwellian newspeak media has left out the fact that the Ron Paul Tea Parties started under the Bush administration, and were not focused on attacking Bush, but instead were exposing the unconstitutionality of the Fed, IRS, NAU, Patriot Act, NAFTA, wars for empire and the list goes on. Our enemy is not a politician, political party or pundit, it’s the corporate governmental mechanisms of control that expand no matter who is in office.

But the corporate governmental control mechanism doesn’t have a name or face, does it? It’s the fabled “system.” So the same political game keeps replaying. GW Bush’s administration coopted the swelling sense of patriotism after 9/11, then twisted it: If you were a patriot, you were for the Iraq War; if you against the Iraq War, you weren’t into America. Obama coopted the national need for change, branded and marketed it, while keeping an old failed financial system afloat.

I’d like to see something more substantive than “Obama is a socialist,” “To Hell With the Left,” “Teabagger party,” and “anti-intellectualism” (critiques from the right and left, respectively). I want to see bipartisan acknowledgement that the Obama administration is doing things wrong, and that some change just isn’t happening.

Name-calling ain’t gonna do the trick.

  • john

    I’d be interested to hear what you think Obama has done wrong. These “parties” were really republican led initiatives to produce some news because Rush wasn’t helping. The fact that many people complain or grumble about what he’s doing wrong (especially most all Republicans) without making any effort to provide a better solution is what’s wrong with this country. Make news by producing a better, more efficient product and not just talking about how poor someone else’s is… isn’t that business 101?

  • Grandma

    What a crock of bologna! Obviously this writer (and the previous responder) was not at the rally I attended. As an elder, I was delighted to see so many patriots of various backgrounds & ages gathered to speak out to ALL Politicians of every ilk, that we’ve had bellyfull of out of control government growing like a cancer on the very foundations of our country. Those self-righteous blowhards who choose to belittle and judge this movement of hard working, loyal, tax-paying American citizens need to first shut up and LISTEN with an open mind. You are completely missing the whole point! What I experienced was Democracy in Action an I’m proud that I participated!

  • DRob

    Seems like this site would be a great forum to get the discussion rolling about tax reform. Quickly looking, I don’t see any posts on the topic. And of course you’re not going to find it in the MSM. How about the Fair Tax plan – That plan would do one thing immediately, take the power away from our egotistical politicians (Republicans and Democrats) and it scares the hell out of them. Or how about this –
    There’s several articles on tax reform there. I tend to disagree that this is a Republican thing. Just because CNN says so doesn’t make it so. It’s disgusting how they reported the Tea Parties, calling them anit-government and anti-CNN. Poor little old CNN is getting it’s feelings hurt. This is about citizens being fed up about paying more than their far share (the top one-half of wage earners in America will soon be paying 100% of all income tax) and being fed up the wasteful spending of our government. And that includes Republicans – government spending under the Bush Administration was ridiculous. This country will not survive if radical changes aren’t made to the way it’s ran. Go to this site and watch “The Crisis” video –

  • nic

    thanks. a measured response, if you ask me.

    the fact that these tea parties have been going on for awhile is the most important thing to note, in my mind. many of the people who showed up this time are disgruntled McCain voters, who thought it might be a good outlet for their anger.

    which is unfortunate, since that gives the MSM the ammunition they need to make the whole thing look incredibly stupid. which it isn’t.

  • DRob

    You have to watch this –
    About the 2:20 mark is what should have been on CNN, but instead Susan Roesgen actual report makes it seem like the protesters are a bunch of lunatics. And if you watch all the way through, I would say these are not disgruntled McCain voters. These people are tired of ALL politicians.