The Web’s Top 10 Layoff Sites

Having trouble keeping track of the zillions of layoffs hitting the economy every day? So are we. Luckily, the ten resourceful sites below–many recently created–will give you up-to-the-minute headlines, rumors, and tweets about the grave state of the employed world:

1. It Died: Editor Glenn Fleishman describes this new hit as “keeping track of hosted services as they lay dying.” The blog does exactly that, potentially protecting people with precious goods in those services from rude discoveries. The commentary is also good.

2. F*ckedStartups:
Reminiscent of the dot-com era’s fabled F*, this snarky blog covers rumors, insider tips, and companies MIA as well as standard layoffs.

3. The Tech Layoff Tracker: Real-time headlines, plus a comprehensive tally make this one of the Web’s best go-to resources.

4. TechCrunch’s Deadpool :
This oldie-but-goodie covers key tech demises as well as product deaths, such as Google’s Lively.

4. The Media is Dying (Twitter feed): A self-explanatory, handy feed.

5. Timely Demise: This blog covers retailers, parts suppliers, and other terminally ill companies that sell tangible stuff.

6. Layoff Blog:
Useful, newsy, mainstream coverage.

7. Screwdd:
Very readable media headline and blog coverage. Lots of quoted material, aggregated into a one-stop shop.

8.’s new Layoff Daily: Another media death tracker. Will there be any media left after the layoffs are done?

9. ClickZ’s Digital Marketing Layoff Tracker: This complete chart covers the digital ad-driven niche. Wait…isn’t that our niche?

10. Layoff News: This blog has been covering major layoff headlines since October of this year.

  • Suzy

    If you are a Gold subscriber, they have an excellent list of past and planned layoffs. Yikes.

  • You could get this info for free without subscription at

  • The Layoff List offers a free comprehensive listing of layoff announcements and financial news with commentary.

  • Oooh oooh! got another one … is a blog cluster that gives people an open space to tell their absurd tales of unemployment as well as gain support.

  • jon is another useful site that provides information on alternative solutions to finding work and making a living.

  • Pravin

    Check layoff tracker at .
    I bet, nobody is covering layoffs as this site.

    You can check layoffs for a month, for a particular industry or both. The pictorial view in the form of calendar, you can check the intensity of layoffs.

  • It’s funny because had a layoff section and now they are being hit with 20% cuts. It’d be interesting to see how are they going to cover this one…

  • John .. Another great site to add to the list

  • Felice has a section on layoffs among other things. Weirdly enough, it’s the dominant part of that site. I enjoyed reading about the Capital Group, Rainbow and Tiffany layoffs. The folks got lively in heated discussions.

  • Jeff

    The best one I seen so far, is