The World According To Americans


Hat tip to Prieur

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  • Matthew Baker

    I’m sick of this ignorant stereotype of Americans. We represent the most diverse population of people on earth and provide the greatest amount of aid worldwide. An easy shot at a time when it’s the cool thing to do, hope you had a self satisfied chuckle over your enlightened mental superiority.

  • Kim

    Nice one, Matthew, just just confirmed the sketch.

    “We represent the most diverse population of people on earth”???
    Fail. How about Indonesia, or India, or China?

    “provide the greatest amount of aid worldwide”???
    Fail. USA is one of the lowest providers of aid of all OECD countries, both per capita and as percentage of GNI.

    So get your head out of your arse.

  • Not nice – sad – behave please and grow up Americans are good people! – Dape UK

  • Troy

    Thank you for confirming to me one last time that I should unsubscribe from your feed. America-bashing is getting old. If you don’t like it, you are free to live somewhere else. If you choose to live here, apparently it’s better than everywhere else, which should count for something.

  • ted

    hey kim – fuck off.

  • jeffrey

    Just so you know I live in the USA and it is a really wonderful place with great opportunities but also quite sad. America is by far the richest country on Earth, but still we fail to have a decent health care system. Compared to other developed countries we are from the best. We have a very high percentage of people in poverty despite the fact that we are the richest country on earth. Our public transportation is awful. Europe and Japan have wonderful trains our trains are still from like the early 1900’s. In America we only care about us and our family and friends. In America if we don’t know them they don’t matter. There may be millions of people in poverty but if you are not one of them it doesn’t matter. America is wonderful for the rich and terrible for the poor. We waste so much money on stupid stuff like a trillion dollars in Iraq, while we could be fighting in Afghanistan which is where the people who attacked us were from. In America we discriminate so much, it is ridiculous. The type of racism we have in America would be illegal in any other developed nation. America is a great place but it is really survival of the fittest out her. If you can’t move yourself up faster than other you will be trampled.

  • ted

    jeffrey – you are a colossal idiot. stop worshipping keith olberman and think for yourself. your post is nothing more than a littany of democrat talking points. scratch the surface – look beyond ‘bumper sticker slogans’ and tell me where there’s a great country for the poor to live. i pray that you’ll get a clue. (we’re still allowed to do that here, right?)