Julian Crowley

  • 10 Great Inventors You Never Knew Were Freemasons

    The history of the international fraternity of Freemasonry is riddled with secrets. Attempting to make a definitive account of its beliefs, rituals and influence would prove to be an extremely difficult, if not impossible, task. By their very nature, the Freemasons are a mysterious group, and although in the 21st century they claim to be […]

  • 10 Entrepreneurs Who Used the Power of Pets to Make Millions

    Image Source They’re cute, cuddly and comforting, so it’s little surprise that Americans own nearly 78 million pet dogs and almost 86 million pet cats. Such mind-boggling numbers have, of course, given rise to a hugely lucrative pet industry; in 2015 alone, for example, over $60 billion is projected to be spent on the country’s […]

  • 10 Office-Boosting Furniture Items Created with Recycled Plane Parts

    Image Source From elegant airliners to military jets, airplanes are truly incredible examples of engineering ingenuity, and they’ve made journeys that were thought impossible only a hundred years ago into an everyday reality. Still, even these cutting-edge machines have a limited existence, as fatigue and advancing technology conspire to make individual aircraft obsolete. The result? […]

  • 10 Most Idyllic Islands Owned By Billionaire Entrepreneurs

    Image Source The possibility of one day being rich enough to afford a privately owned island paradise is the definitive property dream for many budding entrepreneurs. The appeal of such a getaway is undeniable: a Robinson Crusoe-like fantasy of absolute privacy coupled with the surrounding natural beauty of a world far from the pressures of […]

  • 10 Most Creatively Themed Office Meeting Rooms

    Image Source They’re often the places where ideas are born, big decisions are made and key deals are sealed, so why settle for white walls, one-size-fits-all furniture and a tired projector? The once humble meeting room should be a setting that inspires, excites and motivates – all effects achieved by the following ten spaces. Each […]

  • 10 Incredible Office Playgrounds

    Image Source Innovative, youth-minded companies around the world are pushing the limits of conventional office design, with moves ranging from installing functional slides to incorporating an 11-foot dinosaur. The idea is to create fun workplaces that encourage creativity, interactivity and productivity, blurring the lines between work and play. Or, as Google puts it, “When you […]

  • 10 Inspiring Vertical Gardens Growing in Offices

    Image Source Forward-thinking companies like Google and Red Bull seem to do everything they can to break the mold and enhance the working environment for their many employees. Indeed, now offices can be fun, inspiring and, in the following cases, revitalizing spaces in which to spend the business day. The addition of a lush vertical […]

  • 10 Inspirational Treehouse Offices

    Image Source Innovative office spaces seem to be becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to stimulate the creative juices of employees, as well as to establish more enjoyable – and playful – atmospheres in which to work. Moreover, perhaps one of the most unusual workspaces associated with this phenomenon is the office treehouse. Bringing […]

  • 10 Amazing Underground Offices

    Image Source Think “office building” and something pretty mundane may come to mind: a high-rise structure, for example, hosting tiny cubicle after cubicle fitted with gray, uninspiring décor – scant motivation for getting through the daily grind. However, the following ten workspaces are that little bit different: not only are they tucked away underground – […]

  • 10 U.S. War Heroes Who Became Incredibly Successful Businessmen

    Image Source Making it big in business is no easy feat; a lot of blood, sweat and toil is often required to reach the top. Perseverance, smarts and skill are all key – yet notwithstanding such effort and ability, when success is achieved, the financial rewards can be great, with personal fortunes sometimes amounting to […]

  • 15 Wildly Imaginative Zoo Ads

    Zoo advertising presents ad agencies with a lot of room for creativity, enabling them to go wild with colorful characters and playful themes. Sometimes, zoo adverts promote a specific event, or they can be used to celebrate the arrival of a new animal. Often the aim is also to inspire people to pay their local […]