25 Well-Paying Jobs that Most People Overlook (and Why)

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There are certain jobs that nobody dreams of doing when they grow up. They tend to be the type of jobs that are dirty, dangerous, and sometimes boring and tedious. However, they also tend to be well-paying jobs.

Some of these stigmatized jobs actually pay well and are definitely worth a closer look.

If you’re on the fence about where your financial future is headed, stop and consider any of the shockingly lucrative jobs that follow.

Here are 25 well-paying jobs that you might want to consider.

[NOTE: We realize that there are, technically, people who do want these jobs. The point is to spotlight jobs with stigmas attached to them that pay more than the typical person would think.]

1. Crab fisherman

Featured on the Discovery Channel’s hit TV series “Deadliest Catch”, the job of crab fisherman is often called the most dangerous in America. Fishing in frigid Alaskan waters, these brave spirits weather stormy seas, below-freezing temperatures, and the heartache of being away from home for months. The short crab season makes it imperative that they catch as many crabs as possible during that short window. However, this can become astonishingly lucrative once one gets the hang of of it. According to one estimate, even a somewhat experienced crab fisherman can catch as many as $50,000 worth of crabs in an 8 week period.

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Written by Jeff Springer

Jeff Spring is the Finance & Markets Editor at BusinessPundit.com. He's currently spending his days backpacking across Europe. While he may be living outside of the United States, he stays connected to American financial markets and M&A's more than is probably healthy for any single person. His love of a good book and a Bloomberg terminal can't be understated.