Rob May

  • Why Going Back to School can Help You Run a Business

    Going back to school is a tough decision to make. You must consider how it will affect your life as well as the cost of tuition and other factors that may change. If you’re looking to get ahead and run your own business, going back to school is going to help you do that. Here […]

  • Changing Failure to Wins with Business Efficiency

    Just because your business isn’t running as efficiently as it could doesn’t mean that you can’t tweak your procedures to turn it into a well-oiled machine. By paying close attention to where you’re wasting time and money, small changes can make a bigger difference than you ever imagined. Here are a few tips to get […]

  • The Evolution of Productivity: Paper to Digital

    The invention of paper did wonders for mankind’s organizational skills. With the invention of papyrus, a thousand things became possible for the Egyptians: hieroglyphic shopping lists (goats, bread, and charcoal eyeliner), ‘Things-to-Avoid’ lists (asps, crocodiles, and King Tut on a bad day) and even ‘Things-to-Be-Buried-With’ lists (gold, wives, and servants for the afterlife). Thanks to […]

  • Outsourced IT Jobs Return Home- Re-Employment in 2011

    IT jobs, at one point, became very difficult to find, land and retain. The landscape of the industry was rocked by the ability to outsource labor and finding an IT job close to home was beginning to become a grueling and laborious hunt. The IT sector has bounced back and brought their jobs home. Not […]

  • 2011 College Graduates: Are you Ready for Life?

    The 2011 graduates have just walked the stage and are preparing themselves for the great adventure to follow. Mixed emotions are flooding through them; “Am I ready? Will I find a job related to my degree?” There are many paths a graduate can follow once they’re thrown out into the real world to look for […]

  • User Interface and Site Usability – Brands Who’ve Done It Right

    How many times have you clicked on a search result only to land on a page that’s just not user friendly? If you’re like most Internet users, it’s a regular occurrence. And, like most, you probably click that back button within seconds. However, when you find a site that has a great interface and you […]

  • E-Waste: What Percent of Your Laptop can be Recycled?

    New laptops have a clean, fresh look that makes it easy to believe technology can solve the world of its pollution problems. Global warming? Texas-sized islands of plastic? Mercury-tainted fish? P-sha. That’s nothing for an awesome computer. Besides, laptops don’t spew noxious fumes into the air like automobiles; they don’t litter waterways like plastic bags; […]

  • 3 Companies Using Open Source

    It’s very interesting to note that a recent study revealed that approximately 85 percent of companies globally are using open source software. Not surprisingly, the main motivator for using open source software is cost. Other indicators point to the fact that this software provides companies protection from becoming locked into a single vendor. However, major […]

  • 5 Corporations Damaged by False Accusations

    False accusations can do irreparable damage to the reputations of major corporations. These companies often have to pay fines to restore their good names, to say nothing of the costs incurred due to advertising campaigns to regain the public’s faith. From Taco Bell to Toyota, many corporations have been forced to shell out big bucks […]

  • Top 10 Things That All Customers Want

    Whether you’re running a small business or a large corporation, selling dollar-store items or luxury products, every customer has the same desires. Take a look at this top 10 list to see how your company rates in the area of customer service: 1. Involvement Customers want to feel like you care about their needs, and […]