Outsourced IT Jobs Return Home- Re-Employment in 2011

IT jobs, at one point, became very difficult to find, land and retain. The landscape of the industry was rocked by the ability to outsource labor and finding an IT job close to home was beginning to become a grueling and laborious hunt.

The IT sector has bounced back and brought their jobs home. Not only are more well qualified employees finding receiving more callbacks post-interview; the gap is truly closing and those who are qualified are landing gainful employment and careers.

This infographic has pulled in data about the IT bounce-back into graphical form- making it straight forward and visually stunning to review upcoming IT areas, the highest paying careers, and more. Many thanks to Modis, the Information Technology marketplace, for the data and IG below.

Some of the hottest jobs?

  • Systems Analyst
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Systems Administrator
  • Network Administrator

Check out more great information on the IG below.

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