Advanced Colleges of America Online

Advanced Colleges of America (ACA) is a private institution of higher learning whose main mission is to provide learning opportunities to adult learners in the United States and worldwide. With main headquarters located in Irvine, California, ACA was founded by physicians on December 14, 2009 as a response to a growing shortage of qualified healthcare professionals in the United States.

Today, ACA offers three levels of Advanced Medical Assisting programs through an online learning format integrated with insured hands-on U.S. Clinical Externships. Students of ACA are given the opportunity to acquire extensive practical knowledge and applicable skills at affordable tuition costs. Those who are already part of the healthcare industry are able to enhance their opportunities for career advancement. Furthermore, as of June 25, 2010, ACA graduates are eligible to sit for the Medical Assisting National Certification exam.

The three flagship programs offered by ACA that help prepare its students for a fast-growing career in the healthcare industry include (1) Advanced Medical Assisting – Medical College Track for students who want to secure a career as a Medical Assistant since completing this course assures them of three times the clinical experience obtained by an average Medical Assisting student; (2) Advanced Medical Assisting – Medical College Track for high school seniors and pre-med students who want a career bridge program that will give them direct admission into medical school; and (3) Advanced Medical Assisting – Medical Residency Track for students seeking to secure U.S. medical residency interviews and practice medicine in the United States.

Tuition costs at ACA differ between California and non-California residents. For residents, total tuition for Medical Specialty track is US$10,298; and for both Medical College Track and Medical Residency Track, US$11,764.50. Financial aid is available to qualified students.