Henley-Putnam University Online

The Henley-Putnam University was founded by former members of the CIA, Secret Service, FBI and other people involved in the intelligence community, The school, formerly called the California University of Protection and Intelligence Management, specializes in strategic security and courses are conducted completely online.

Henley-Putnam has an extensive curriculum that offers more than 125 courses taught by faculty members who have ‘hands-on, real world experiences’ in their respective fields of expertise. Available programs include Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in the fields of Intelligence Management, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Studies, and Management of Personal Protection; Certificates in Executive Protection, Intelligence Analysis, Counter-Terrorism Studies, Security Management, Intelligence Collection, Strategic Intelligence, and Intelligence and Terrorism Profiling; and a Doctorate in Strategic Security.

Tuition at Henley-Putnam varies depending on the course level. Typically, the cost per credit unit at Bachelor’s level is $264.00, $349.00 at Master’s level and Doctorate courses cost $375.00. These do not include books which may cost between $50.00 – $150.00 per class. Certificate program tuition varies as well and ranges from $5,500.00 to almost $7,000.00. These amounts, however, include the cost of books. Traditional methods of financial aid (scholarships, grants, loans) are not available at Henley-Putnam. They do, however, offer a monthly payment plan and the programs are eligible for Department of Veterans Affairs benefits. For details on how to avail of the payment plan or the Veterans benefits, contact the University’s Admission’s office.

The first step in applying for admission at Henley-Putnam is to contact and Admissions Coordinator. Admissions requirements, procedures and other matters will be discussed, and once the documents are complete, these are to be signed and returned to the University for processing. The Enrollment Committee normally releases admission results within a week.

Henley-Putnam University is accredited to provide higher education in strategic security by the Distance Education and Training Council. As mentioned earlier, t is approved for use of Veterans Affairs benefits, and is affiliated with DANTES. The University, named after Revolutionary War spies Colonel David Henley and Israel Putnam, is also a member of ServiceMembers Opportunity Colleges, the American Council on Education, and the Council of College and Military Educators.