Miller-Motte College (MMC) Online

MMC or Miller-Motte College aims to give educational opportunities through quality education, form competent graduate students and most especially, recognize every student’s needs. This college is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. Such accreditation paved way to the College receiving good reviews and rankings on its different programs. Just like how the college continues to revise, review, assess, and improve their curriculum, it as well aims to improve and develop on the aspect of technology for the main benefit of those enrolled and interested on their offered online programs and online classes.

Online degrees and online courses include Bachelor of Science Degree Programs in Allied Health Management, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Nursing, Associate of Applied Science in Accounting, Cosmetology, Dental Assisting, Human Resource Management, Medical Laboratory Technology, Sustainable Construction, Diploma Programs in Clinical Office Assistant, Security Systems, Solar Technology, and Certificate Programs in Certified Network Technician, Esthetics Instructor, Massage Therapy and Medical Office Assistant.

Admissions in the college strictly involves the completion of the general requirements namely interview by an admission representative, Scholastic Level Exam, and one must have good moral character and conduct. Tuition and fees differ in every program while there are scholarships and financial aid designed to give help to students who are having financial problems. Such kind of student is carefully being determined by the U.S Department of Education who take into consideration one’s family expenses and income. One requirement for those in need of financial assistance is copies of one’s parents’ federal income tax returns.