Contributor Guidelines

Business Pundit is an expert-driven community. In order to be approved for a contributor account you must have worked in your field for 5 years or have at least 10,000 hours of experience. You can also qualify if you have created a unique server or product that has disrupted your industry.

Content Guidelines:

1. All posts must be at least 300 words and may contain relevant images, videos, and outbound links.

2. Posts can not include irrelevant links that are used for the sole purpose of link building. Our editors check all links and deny any posts that come across as spammy.

3. Posts may not be promotional or advertorial. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PRE-WRITTEN COMPANY NEWS or PRESS RELEASES.

4. You are free to include a relevant CTA at the end of your posts. This may be either image or text-based and should not exceed more than two sentences.

Acceptable CTA: 

  • Downloadable guides, reports, white papers, eBooks.
  • Registration for a webinar or live event.
  • A free demo that links to a signup page.

Non-Acceptable acceptable CTA: 

  • A call to visit a company website
  • A call to follow the company on social media.
  • A call to subscribe to email newsletters and other subscriptions.
  • A call to contact a company.


Your bio should be 25-100 words. You can include links to your company page. Your social media links will be auto-added as part of the setup process, you should not need to add those links in your bio. Your bio must include your first and last name and your photo will be pulled from the email address you registered with us and (a free service).


All posts must be ready to publish when submitted. We will send back any posts that are not written with good grammar. Constant rejections will result in the removal of your account from Business Pundit. You are responsible for logging in to determine if any corrections are needed.


If you need to place a post in draft mode you can return to that post within 72 hours to submit it for approval. Please add “Work In Progress” to the end of your post, for example, “10 Ways To Secure Your Twitter Account – Work In Progress.” All posts that are left in draft mode for more than 72 hours will be permanently deleted.


All posts must contain original content written by the contributor. At least 75% of your post must be written in your own words. For example, a 100 word blockquote requires 400 words, of which 300 are your own.

If you mention a report or another website, please name that publication and provide a link to their work.

Plagiarism will result in your immediate and permanent removal from our system.



Linking Guidelines

Acceptable links:

  • Relevant articles and blog posts
  • Research or data
  • Resources that will genuinely benefit the reader and add authority to your own post.

Unacceptable links:

  • Affiliate links
  • Your own company links (homepage, About Us, Contact, Prices, Products, etc.)
  • Product/service/pricing pages
  • Category/tag pages
  • Company social profile links — please place these in your profile instead.


If you engage in link building your account will be immediately frozen and all links you have added to any past articles will be removed. 

Guidelines for Infographic Submissions

These posts still require 300 words. Do not simply state what is already in the infographic, instead use your own industry experience to add context to the post. These posts should be just as high quality as other submissions.

Infographics should be of high quality (easy to read, flows easily from one point to another).


Please note: Submitting a post does not guarantee that the post will be published. 

These guidelines are subject to change at any time. Contributors are responsible for making themselves aware of changes and adhering to them.

Disclaimer: Your request to create a contributor account constitutes an agreement to these posting guidelines.