An actuary is a business professional trained in mathematical, economic and financial analyses as well as risk assessment in a broad range of practical business problems. Actuaries are also often called financial risk managers. Actuaries work mostly for insurance companies, investment firms, and other financial institutions as risk managers. Some also consultant with larger firms, giving advice on employee benefits packages.

If you’re interested in becoming an actuary, the following information will be useful. Actuaries work hard to become fully accredited. Aspiring actuaries need to show potential employers high GPAs, as well pass at least one actuarial exam. After getting in, entry level actuaries must then pass a series of demanding actuarial exams in order to eventually be declared a fully credentialed actuary. Those interested in having careers as an actuary would do well to take up a mathematics or statistics major with a minor in actuarial science or, if available in their college of choice, take up actuarial science as their major.