Advertising network

Advertising networks are companies that facilitate the release of advertising campaigns to several websites. They serve as the go-between for website hosts and advertisers. They are therefore able to make way for efficient distribution of advertisements.

Larger ad networks may cater to more popular and prestigious brands. These advertisements may receive millions of impressions. On the other hand, smaller ad networks also exist, and the advertisements they run may receive a few hundred impressions every month.

Under the run-of-category arrangement, ads are displayed on sites of a specific category. On the other hand, run-of-network buys allow for distribution to an entire network. In both of these cases, advertising networks are able to ensure that ads reach a wide audience scope.
Ad networks often coordinate with third-party websites. These may make the process of ad placement and distribution even more efficient and streamlined. Ad networks may have to pay a fixed price, or they could also hand over a percentage of total revenue to the third-party.
There is a variety of spaces in which advertisements may appear. Ad networks may make use of blogs, instant messaging applications or online forums, emails, and all kinds of websites.

Vertical advertising networks usually have prepared portfolios to present to advertisers. They are often used to promote premium brands. Advertisers also maintain more control over the kinds of spaces in which their ads will run.

On the other hand, blind networks do not offer this privilege. They generally offer lower rates, but advertisers do not control the spaces in which the ads appear.