In e-commerce, content refers to what visitors can find on a website. This includes text, images, and any multi-media content in a site.

Content is very important for any web site but perhaps more so in an e-commerce site since customers will be basing their decision on whether to make a purchase or not on the information that the content gives. Some of the things to consider when putting up content in an e-commerce site include:

Product information – Make sure you have the basic information about each product/service available. This includes the most important features of each product, price, and a clear picture. Additional or in-depth product info should also be available but only on the products individual page.

Business rules – Make sure you post all of your business rules including warranties, shipping and handling arrangements, and all other disclaimers.

Company info – Customers usually want to know more about the company they are doing business with to ensure they are not being scammed. Put up a page(s) about the company’s history, accreditations, awards (if any), headquarters address, and current clients.

Customer service info – Give information on how they can contact customer service (i.e. telephone number, online chat, email, complaints department address), including addresses of service centers, if any.