The home page, or homepage, is the main web page in the website of a group, company, individual or a product.

Most of the time, the homepage is the first page in a website that users will see, and in some occasions, it will probably also be the last. Because of this, the homepage plays a very important role in making a first impression about the entity, be it product or a company, that’s behind a website.

In an ecommerce site, this first impression is the first and most important chance that website has in capturing potential customers. The homepage would be seen by both new customers and old ones, so it must be designed smartly to cater both kind of audience whose purposes may or may not be the same.

For new and potential customers, the homepage will be first in a series of funnels that they will get through until they eventually make a purchase. It must therefore provide a clear message about the site and as important, a visible and friendly way for the users to navigate the site.
For returning customers, the homepage should provide updates to let them know about new items about products or services or about the website itself and also, a quick way of going to the services that they commonly or have previously used. The success or failure of an ecommerce venture relies on many things and the manner that they are implemented. The homepage is one of the most important of these.