The term intranet is defined as a private computer network that uses the same technology as the internet, which is called the Internet Protocol (IP).

Because it is a private network, an intranet cannot be accessed outside of its host organization or institution. Intranet is often used by business, government agencies, and any other organization that needs their information to be private, secure, and inaccessible outside of the office building. The internet and an intranet can be used simultaneously in a single computer.

The intranet is a very useful tool for businesses because of the following reasons:

Accessibility of resources – Instead of having to go to a library of going from work station to another, having needed information on the intranet allows employees to readily access data they need without having to leave their workstations. This results in much time saved and a higher productivity.

Faster communication – Inter-office communication is much faster and more efficient since employees can just send emails, participate in forum discussions, and chat through the intranet. Important announcements and memos can also be posted on the intranet landing page, making for instant updates.

Lower costs – Though the initial capital needed to set up intranet in an office might seem huge it will mean much lower costs and higher revenue in the long run. Higher revenue due to increased productivity and lower costs due to less consumables used (i.e. paper, ink, CDs, etc.), as well as less storage space needed for files.