In technology, mobile refers to mobile devices and the communication technologies used to power them. Examples of the most popular mobile devices include laptops, GPS devices, mobile phones and PDAs.

Mobile devices have become so popular that businesses need to make sure that their marketing strategies are in line with the needs of the mobile market. Opportunities opened up to businesses (not including businesses that fall directly under the mobile technology industries such as the computer industry and telecommunications industry) due to mobile technologies include:

1. Spontaneous shopping – Websites can now be viewed through mobile devices thanks to 3G phones and wireless internet (WiFi). People on the go usually have a specific action plan in mind such as making a purchase or finding product-specific information. If a site is not searchable or accessible through mobile devices then customers might end up buying or going to a competitor.

2. Customer service – People can now chat and talk to customer service representatives 24/7 from any location. This provides customers unparalleled access to service, which can help increase customer satisfaction.

3. Navigation – One of the top reasons people go online using their mobile devices is to get directions. Being listed online on Google Maps and other similar applications, as well has having maps and contact numbers on your own mobile website, will ensure that people will be able to find their way to your physical store.