In the world of finance, a forecast comes in the form of a financial forecast. This is a description of events as they are likely to happen, regarding the situation of an economy, a business or corporation, or even an economic indicator. Financial analysts are usually in charge of coming up with such forecasts. These can prove to be very beneficial, especially to investors, who would do very well to do sufficient research before deciding to purchase a particular type of asset. Many times, they are able to get information not just on which assets to invest in, but on timing their buying and selling, as well.

While it is true that the future can be quite unpredictable, financial analysts are able to take concrete facts and use historical data in order to come up with logical guesses. With the combination of knowledge about past events and trends, as well as the right knowledge on how to interpret these and apply these to current situations, analysts are able to say how the economy will probably continue to develop. They may zero in on specific indicators, especially if a certain indicator is seen to be of particular importance in a given situation.

Financial analysts may prepare their forecasts for the purposes of specific companies, or they may do so for publication in financial magazines or for the benefit of financial news programs. At present, forecasts may also be produced with the help of specially-designed computer programs. The important thing to remember when making use of such programs is keeping the entry of data as accurate as possible.