Cover letter

A cover letter is a kind of letter used to introduce another document. Cover letters may also be referred to as motivation letters or motivational letters. As the alternative names suggests, this kind of letter expresses one’s motivations for sending the attached document, and is usually used when sending resumes.

Since information in resumes is usually presented in a very brief, straightforward manner, cover letters can help job applicants provide a more personalized introduction of themselves to the potential employer. They can also make use of this to express their enthusiasm over being part of the company, as well as show the employer how well they meet the requirements of the company. Sending a well-written cover letter may be one of the most effective ways of securing the position, or at least an interview.

Cover letters are formal business letters. All necessary information, such as contact details and address should be included. It is important to mention which position the applicant is applying for, as well as briefly explain why, based on clear qualifications that may already be in the resume, the applicant is the best person for the desired position.

The cover letter is not only used by job applicants who are interested in specific positions offered by certain companies. It may also be used by people sending certain documents for the purpose of securing loans or by those presenting business proposals. In these cases, cover letters may be used to convince, as well as to simple outline the kinds of material attached.