Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)

The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, otherwise known as D&B is an entity which records and provides credit information of international corporations. D&B’s Data Universal Numbering System, or DUNS, provides a wealth of information on millions of global companies.

DUNS numbers are nine-digit figures which basically function as identifiers for companies. These then allow interested parties to have access to corporations’ business reports and records as store in the Dun & Bradstreet database. These may take into account information on the corporation’s credit history, net worth, suits, liabilities, number of employees, and other details. The system D&B follows is one which classifies businesses into different sectors. It also allows for comparison among similar industries.

Since it provides valuable credit information, the DUNS is especially useful to banks and other financial institutions. It has also received the endorsement of the European Union as a reliable source of validation and assessment of global corporations. In the United States, a Business Information Report is one of the basic requirements for conducting federal government transactions.

Oftentimes, even if they have sufficient assets to cover certain investments, companies find that it is more profitable for them to take out loans to cover these purchases. This means they have to engage in a practice known as leveraging. Companies with favorable assessments may find the DUNS/BIR very useful for their leveraging needs, because they are able to prove their reliability and creditworthiness.

The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation is more often referred to as DNB in the New York Stock Exchange. Its headquarters is located in New Jersey, USA.