Freight, which is usually used in place of the term “freight transportation,” is the movement of various kinds of products from place to place. Each shipment may have to utilize more than one mode of transport, be it via land, water or air. The mode to be used depends on the area to which the products are to be shipped, as well as the type of products involved. Freight services can be used by individuals who need to have large items shipped, but are more often employed by businesses for the transport and distribution of goods.

For products to be moved within the same land area, the services of trucking companies are usually employed. A truck may, for example, pick up some merchandise from a port or warehouse and bring the shipment to a designated area where the items are to be distributed. In some cases, however, items need to be transported to more distant locations. In such cases, the use of railways may be more cost and time-efficient.

For international shipments, it is quite common for companies to make use of air transport. This is a quick way of getting products from one country or continent to another. This is more costly than other shipping methods, but may be necessary in time-sensitive situations. For bigger shipments, however, as well as those which do not involve highly perishable items, the best long-distance method may be the use of ships or barges. This method is less expensive than air freight, which makes it an idea method for most types of long-distance shipments.