Back end

Back end is a type of marketing that targets existing customers, with the intention of selling more products and services to them.

Since the cost for acquiring clients no longer comes into play under back end marketing, it’s an economical way of doing business. It assumes a relationship of trust and respect between the business and the clients. As a result, transactions can be completed more quickly.

Back-end marketing is often given less attention, even though it ensures lower costs and has a potential to generate higher profits. However, if a business does not pay attention to addressing the changing needs of its existing clientele, the tendency is for competitors to expose this weakness and take over former clients, eating up a chunk of the company’s business share.

A huge factor in back-end marketing is trust between the client and the company. If the company is already considered a reliable source of goods and services, customers are more likely to stick to it, rather than expose themselves to risk by experimenting with another provider. If the company is able to innovate and offer more products as its clients’ needs change, this trust is further reinforced.

Back-end marketing also involves placing existing customers into different categories, depending on the length of the business relationship and the specific needs of each client group. By addressing these different needs and coming up with the necessary innovations, a company will be able to maximize the potential of its business share and increase profits.