Copy (ad copy)

The main purpose of advertisements is to induce people into taking the appropriate action (i.e. buy an item, subscribe to a service, answer a survey, etc.). Copy or ad copy, which refers to the main text of an advertisement, functions as the informative part of the ad.

In internet marketing, ad copy is usually the second of third line displayed in the search results. Since ads, whether they be banner ads, contextual ads, or pay-per-click ads, only get very limited space, it means that the ad copy needs to be very concise while still managing to be both informative and appealing to its target customers.

To have maximum effect some of the factors that each ad copy must contain include:

Promise of benefit – Potential customers will only buy or click on something if the ad copy answers their question “What’s in it for me?” and the answer satisfies them.

Attention grabbers – Keywords and witticisms are usually the key to get someone to take a second look, which is why these should be factored in when spelling out the promise of benefit.

Credibility – Credibility comes with good but realistic promises. Don’t turn of potential customers by ad copy that shouts scam.

Action item – The ad copy should also spell out what the customer needs to do avail of or learn more about the offer. If there is no action item interested customers will not know what to do. Make links stand out so people will click on them.