A customer is any individual or business that purchases or receives a product or service from a company. This includes all individuals and businesses that previously purchased a product or made use of the service. This also includes all individuals and businesses that plan to do the same in the future.

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, since they generate the profit for businesses. According to today’s marketing model, customers’ needs and wants dictate what businesses should provide.

Due to steep competition between businesses, keeping customers happy is one of the main goals of any good company. Customer satisfaction is important. Providing the most basic of customer’s needs is not enough. Careful thought is used to craft products and services starting from the product design, including its packaging, to its distribution and promotion.

Support services for products are also usually given for free. Warranties also usually come with products to show customers that the company making the product or providing the service is confident that the customer will be satisfied with the product and that the company will be willing to take a hit to their revenue in case customer expectations are not met.