Elevator pitch

An elevator pitch, otherwise known as an elevator speech, is a speech designed to promote a company, product, organization, service, or person.

The best elevator pitches are concise and appealing to the target audience. The length of time it takes to take an elevator ride should be sufficient for the delivery of the pitch. This can be from thirty seconds to two minutes long.

Who Uses Elevator Pitches?

Elevator pitches may be used by applicants during job interviews. A good elevator pitch can also come in handy when offering services and promoting one’s agency. It can also be useful to entrepreneurs or project managers who wish to pitch an idea and need to receive funding. Book proposals are also commonly delivered using this method.

How to Make a Good Elevator Pitch

For an elevator pitch to be effective, it will be useful to first determine who the target audience for the pitch is. It is also helpful to come up with a catchy and descriptive title. Next, one must be able to describe the problem and offer a good solution. To support this, one must explain why the solution offered is the best option. One must also be able to motivate the audience. The most important thing is for all of the essential information to be presented clearly and credibly.

Despite the importance of getting all the vital information into the pitch, it is prudent to keep in mind that an elevator pitch is not a business plan substitute. Its function is to attract the audience immediately, and then be given a chance to present more information later on.