A sale is referred to as a transaction in which compensation, most commonly money, in exchange for products and services.

A sale is completed by the seller once the product or the right to it is transferred to the buyer, regardless of whether the payment has been issued or not.

The sale is the basis of commercial activity.

There are various ways in which a sale can be completed. The most common is by way of a direct sale, wherein the transaction transpires directly between two people.

Agency-based sales, on the other hand, involve the participation of agents, or third-party players, who assist in the transfer of products and payments. Examples of these are sales agents, sellers who accept consignment arrangements, telemarketers, and consultants.

Sales as Related to Marketing

Sales and marketing are sometimes used interchangeably. Although they ultimately have the same objective, they are quite different. Marketing encompasses a much broader range than sales and acts as support for the completion of the actual sale. For one thing, marketing aims to make the field conducive for selling. Under marketing, it is important to undergo product studies and identify the needs and preferences of the market. It also includes the production of the best product possible and pricing this appropriately.

Marketing can maximize the client base potential and increase visibility and selling opportunities. It involves a number of activities, such as advertising, the creation of distribution channels, and other promotional work. As such, marketing plays a vital role in sales.