Small Business Thrives on Old Fashioned Values

Outside my window a guy is hacking away at a stump with all manner of hand and electric powered tools. He’s been at it for over two hours. At times he seems… well, stumped. But he continues to do the job. He’ll do it until it’s done because he’s a professional stump remover. It’s what he does. He’s not alone. Small businesses everywhere are continuing on despite the gloomy outlook. It’s what they do.

A Beverly Hills company is proof that old fashioned values will help small businesses through these tough economic times. Divine Imaging Inc. is a small, woman-owned GSA/DoD government contractor who is thriving supplying the government with everything from IT equipment and office supplies to body armor and paper products.

The 14 hardworking people of Divine credit “old fashioned” American business practices: honesty, hard work, showing up early, staying late and working weekends with their success.

Divine Imaging, Inc. founder and President, Kimberly Devane states the company philosophy:

“We believe that lasting success is built upon some very simple practices: We work hard and smart, we put in long hours, we stay out of debt, and we manage our expenses as though every dollar counts — because it does! “

CEO Larry Abbot echoes Divine’s values:

“Our business plan certainly includes innovation and improvements to our IT systems and our data-base management, but our success has more to do with our mindset and attitude. Small businesses like ours do not need to be bailed out. We ARE the bailout. We will drive and rebuild the economy by using the same “old fashioned” business practices that our forefathers used to build this great country — no shortcuts, no accounting tricks … just hard work, decency and sound business practices.”

What would our financial markets look like if more bankers shared this attitude?

And when did hard work become old fashioned?

Image Credit: Divine Imaging, Inc.