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  • CloudPlayer.me to Resurrect 11-Year-Old Battle with RIAA

    Since the start of 2011, top technology companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft have been ramping up efforts to push consumers on their cloud computing services. Before we continue, I’m sure some of you are wondering what the “cloud” is. Polls show 60% of Americans don’t understand what this new computing term means. The cloud […]

  • User Interface and Site Usability – Brands Who’ve Done It Right

    How many times have you clicked on a search result only to land on a page that’s just not user friendly? If you’re like most Internet users, it’s a regular occurrence. And, like most, you probably click that back button within seconds. However, when you find a site that has a great interface and you […]

  • 10 Ways Big Brother Wants to Control You (Or Already Does)

    We’ve all noticed a bit of a change in the socio-political atmosphere in the last few years. Whether it’s in the emergence of social networking monopolies or the advancement of tracking systems, it seems more and more that Big Brother has got us covered — in more ways than one. 

  • Time Management: More Popular Than Weight Loss

    Like many freelancers, I find myself trying to pack more into a 24-hour day than is humanly possible. It’s not just us lone business people who do this. I know plenty of professional, executives, and full time parents who do the same thing. And what do we do when we simply run out of time? […]