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  • Retirement Will Become a Thing of the Past

    Will we work our entire lives? The Economist’s The End of Retirement addresses this question. It discusses how demography in rich countries will affect the way corporations and governments react to retirement: WHEN Otto von Bismarck introduced the first pension for workers over 70 in 1889, the life expectancy of a Prussian was 45…(By) 1935, […]

  • Gen X, Gen Y, and Boomers in the Workplace: Exclusive Panel Tells All

    Generation Y are lazy slobs. Gen-Xers are too cynical to make a decent contribution to the workplace. Baby Boomers sold out, and they brought the entire economy with them. Sound familiar? I hear the discourse all the time. Each successive generation is convinced that those coming after it will infect the planet with life-threatening value […]