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  • Snapchat and Goldman Sachs

    Goldman Sachs Turns To Snapchat For Millennial Recruitment

    Goldman Sachs is attempting to recruit millennials with the help of Snapchat. The storied investment firm has started to feature ads inside Snapchat Campus Story, a curated platform that features user-generated content such as videos and photos. Goldman chose a 10-second recruitment clip that appears between segments of user-generated content. In the videos, Goldman says it […]

  • Snapchat Profit

    Snapchat’s $20 Billion Dollar Company Generated Just $3.1 Million In Revenue In 2014

    Snapchat earned just $3.1 million in revenue in 2014. Gawker’s Sam Biddle got his hands on the company’s snapshot and it’s pretty much what everyone expected. The company, valued at $20 billion, lost $128 million last year and generated only $3 million. Keep in mind the company earned $0 in 2013. The largest expenses, excluding payroll, were […]

  • Snapchat Update

    Snapchat Update Adds Multiple Emojis, Travel Mode and Trophy Case

    Snapchat just released another big update to its iOS and Android users today. The update includes a must-needed option in your settings to put the app into “Travel Mode” which disables the app from auto-loading content under the Discover page such as Stories. This was a big issue for the app as Snapchat would pre-load its Discover […]

  • Snapchat Revenue

    Snapchat’s revenue in 2015 show signs of a $19 billion company

    Snapchat, the ephemeral photo, video and messaging app, is finally starting to make some real money.  With this new money in the bank, they are also looking for someone to manage it all. According to multiple sources following the company, Snapchat is targeting around $50 million in revenue this year.  This marks a nice yearly earnings considering it […]

  • Snapchat Valuation

    Is Snapchat Really “Worth” $16 Billion

    I use “worth” in quotes because this is the valuation many analysts are giving Snapchat in June 2015. The valuation is warranted based on the $200 million laid down by Alibaba and the investment from 23 funds that equated to a valuation of around $10 billion in 2014. Why are these investments being made? Does Snapchat have […]