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  • 25 Ways to Run Your Business Like Warren Buffett

    Image: Paul Sapiano/Flickr Berkshire Hathaway’s annual “Woodstock of Capitalism,” its shareholder meeting, happens on April 30 this year. Warren Buffett’s baby is by far America’s most beloved conglomerate. What’s behind the fame? Buffett and his partner Charlie Munger are investing prodigies, but so are, say, Carlos Slim and Donald Trump, and you don’t see their […]

  • 25 Tycoons Who Run the World

    “Elephant bumping.” That’s how Warren Buffett refers to meeting other tycoons in Alice Schroeder’s biography of him. Who has enough wealth and global economic influence to be part of the world’s elephant herd? The Saudi prince who is News Corp.’s biggest shareholder, the Ethiopian Arab who has half his fortune in Swedish investments. Such global […]