Life after Warren Buffett? UBS says Berkshire Hathaway is ready

Warren Buffett life after Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Buffett is synonymous with Berkshire Hathaway but there will eventually be the day when the 85-year-old investor is no longer at the helm of the company he founded.

When that day arrives UBS’ Brian Meredith believes the company will be able to get along just fine without its long-time leader.

“While Buffett’s superior capital allocation skills and market ‘clout’ would be missed, as long as the culture does not change, we would expect the company to continue to outperform,” writes Meredith.

He goes on to issue a buy rating and $244,500 price target on the conglomerate’s Class A shares.

While Berkshire Hathaway will likely to continue to grow, even as its leader eventually gives up control, there is no doubt that his sage wisdom about American business will be missed by millions of followers who cling to his every piece of advice.

As for the present, even at 85-years-old Buffett continues to display the type of energy that even many employees five decades his junior would love to obtain.

Written by John Howard

John Howard is the Business Editor at He is an avid watcher of markets, a wallflower of retail, and a fan of disruptive businesses that utilize technology and unique ideas to form brilliant new ways of doing business.