Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose is the Editor-In-Chief at BusinessPundit. He received his degree in Economics in 1998 and a second degree in Journalism in 2004. He has served as a financial adviser, market trader, and freelance journalist for the last 11 years. When he's not investigating market conditions and reporting on workplace news, he can be found traveling with his wife, dog, and laptop. He can be reached at

  • Jobs Hiring Near Me

    Jobs Hiring Near Me? The top 100 hiring companies by state

    Because of my background in data mining for business purposes my friend John recently sent me an email with the subject: Top 100 Jobs Hiring Near Me?” At first I thought he was going to ask for my insight into which jobs he should apply for. Instead, like many job seekers, John was attempting to […]

  • AquaFresco

    Grad Students Invent Washing Machine That Recycles 95% Of Its Water

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) doctoral candidates Sasha Huang, Alina Rwei, and Chris Lai, who study materials science and engineering, have won one of three prizes at the inaugural MIT Water Innovation Prize, for creating a washing machine that recycled 95% of the water it uses. The newly created event allows people from around the […]

  • Snapchat Video views - Daily Totals

    Snapchat Video Is Starting To Catch Up To Facebook

    Snapchat videos have reached 6 billion plays per day according to the Financial Times. In May the company was delivering just 2 billion video plays on a daily basis. Snapchat confirmed the view count but declined to give any further details about its quick climb. The new 6 billion figure means Snapchat is quickly closing […]

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook

    Tim Cook Is ‘Still Bullish’ On Tablets Despite Sinking iPad Sales

    The Apple iPad is sinking and Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t believe there is cause for concern. During the company’s earnings call on Tuesday, Cook said he is “still bullish on the iPad,” despite slowing sales. According to Cook, “I think iPad upgrade cycle will eventually occur. We’re 6X greater in usage than nearest closest […]

  • USPS Banking

    USPS Banking? Elizabeth Warren Thinks It’s A Great Idea

    Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren wants us to bank at our local post office. The politician and consumer advocate has announced a plan that would bring budget-priced banking services to U.S. citizens. In May 2015, the USPS said it had lost $1.5 billion in the most recent fiscal quarter. If losses continue USPS losses could surpass […]

  • Actionable Business Growth Tips

    101 Actionable Business Growth Strategies From Popular Internet Entrepreneurs

    If you are going to disrupt an industry or take over an established field you need to have a strong set of actionable business items that can help you succeed. Whether you need to “analyze your competition” or “take strategy very seriously,” the action items you create will ultimately affect many aspects of your business […]

  • Walmart Shopper Demographics

    Here’s A Breakdown Of Walmart Shoppers By Demographic

    Walmart is the largest retailer in the United States with 4,300 locations, and the largest in the world with 11,000 stores globally. ┬áIn 2014, the giant corporation brought in $473 billion in sales. With nearly $500 billion in annual sales, the customer base on Walmart is closely monitored to determine who shops at the brick […]

  • Employment Jobs Report In America

    This Epic Chart Shows The Wages Of Nearly Every Job In America

    Reddit user Dan Lin has created an epic chart that shows the mean-wage breakdown for every single profession in America tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most of the top wages are owned by people working in the medical field while the lowest wages are paid to people working in the food and hospitality […]

  • Media Trust and Search Engines

    Search Engines Are More Trusted For News Than Traditional Media

    Google is regularly listed as one of the most trusted companies in the world and that trust factor has helped the company woo customers away from traditional media outlets. But it isn’t just Google that is now more trusted than traditional media. A 2013 study found that Britons trust Google more than they trust church, […]