The Business of Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting accounts for over $1.2 trillion in economic transactions annually. That’s a big number. In fact, the ICC estimates that the value of counterfeit goods is worth more than 5% of world trade. Here’s a fascinating look into the economics and business of global counterfeiting.

Camcode Counterfeiting Infographic

Infographic by Camcode

Some amazing facts about Counterfeiting:

– The US Government removes over $200 million per year in counterfeit cash

– Most counterfeit money in the United States is introduced by Meth and Marijuana dealers

– About 3,000 counterfeit driver’s licenses are confiscated each year by US customs at a single airport (O’Hare)

– Some 520,000 counterfeit parts make their way into airplanes and helicopters each year

– $7.5 billion is lost by US Semiconductor companies annually due to counterfeiting, resulting in 11,000 jobs lost

– Counterfeited products have made their way into the US Navy and other military institutions

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