25 Tycoons Who Run the World

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“Elephant bumping.” That’s how Warren Buffett refers to meeting other tycoons in Alice Schroeder’s biography of him.

Who has enough wealth and global economic influence to be part of the world’s elephant herd?

The Saudi prince who is News Corp.’s biggest shareholder, the Ethiopian Arab who has half his fortune in Swedish investments.

Such global players collectively employ millions of people around the world through their conglomerates.

They sit at the very top of their respective corporate pyramids; in most cases, they or their families actually built those pyramids in the first place.

Who are the global tycoons who run the world?

There are hundreds of them, many listed in Forbes’ billionaire list.

We extracted some of the tycoons with the most global influence, via their conglomerates and/or political ties.

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  • These are truly some successful tycoons. There hard work and dedication and that something extra makes them market leaders.

  • Does the order in which listed here have any bearing on how powerful the tycoon is compared to the others?

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    Eike Batista should be here