An Innovative Business Card


  • Really innovative thinking.

  • That is really cool. One of those, “Why didn’t I think of that” things. Not something I might use on one of my more professionally branded cards but would be fun to use when you are getting a starter set from Vista print or a similar service. I suppose it’s cool with Google to advertise for them like that huh? Not like they need it. ;)

  • W.G.

    Can you say copyright infringement?!

  • I’m with W.G. – that seems like a trade mark infringement to me!

  • No way, that’s not trademark infringement, all you’re doing is “caching” the Google results page on the back of your business card. If Google can do it on the web, why can’t they do it on a piece of cardstock?

  • Very impressive idea. Good job!

  • Oh, I like that! Very unique.

  • Wow, innovative business card…