25 Best Places to Network

Image: Screaming Monkey/Flickr Networking is a skill. It’s not just about elevator pitches and icebreakers, however. Place matters. How else are you going to meet the right person at the right time? The best places to network let you meet people under positive auspices. You… Read More

25 Major Company Screwups

From left-handed undies to the Pontiac Aztek, some products invoke only one question: What were they thinking? The company screwups below aren’t just limited to WTF-caliber product ideas. These companies let rats infest their premises, made a customer pee in a bag, and held a… Read More

This Week’s Weird Jobs

I’m shocked. People actually get paid to write comments on blogs. Then again, they also get paid to write about marijuana and get spanked. What, really, qualifies as “weird” anymore? 1. Denver: Marketing Blog Commenter Needed If you enjoy reading and learning about marketing, especially… Read More

This Week’s Weird Jobs

If you’ve ever felt like you MUST COMPLETE THE PACKAGE OF BRANGELINA, then read on: 1. LA: Brad Pitt Type Needed Seeking a Brad Pitt Look-a-like. Have you had people you say look like or kind of resemble Brad …This is prestigious work, and much… Read More