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  • favorite Brands

    Favorite Brands By Generation

    Grandma always used Jergens hand lotion and its distinct fragrance takes me back. Mom always used Tide and Downey and her laundry was always best. Can you guess my generation? When a product provokes a pleasant emotional response consumers feel connected. This intimate connection translates into huge revenue for brands.  MBLM’s annual Brand Intimacy Study […]

  • wall street coronavirus

    Billionaire Advises Investors to Ride Out COVID-19 Market Volatility

    With Joe Biden’s big Super Tuesday wins, the stock market rebounded today. However, experts are skeptical and expect the market to remain volatile for some time to come. Marketwatch spoke with billionaire investor Howard Marks about the big swings in the market and the co-chairman of Oaktree Capital gave some familiar advice: “nobody knows.” So, […]

  • 20 Ways You Can Lose Money By Losing Sleep

    You know how it feels. You’ve had a terrible night of sleep and everything seems like a drag. Our mental clarity, and our ability to make decisions, comes down to how rested and refreshed our brains are. In fact, we all lose the ability to focus and make decisions as the day wears on (unless […]

  • 2017 Hurricane Irma

    Top 10 Most Expensive Natural Disasters

    Natural disasters are extremely unpredictable, and they’re happening with increasing frequency. Many factors come together to drive up the cost of a natural disaster. Because of property damage, environmental damage, casualties, and a variety of other hidden expenses, the price tags on these occurrences tend to grow quickly. Below, you can read about the ten […]

  • Lumio

    Top 10 Most Successful Shark Tank Products

    Shark Tank is an Emmy-winning business reality that airs on the network ABC and is watched by an astounding 7.9 million viewers. The premise of the show is simple and incredibly addictive for the casual television consumer. Entrepreneurs at varying stages in the creation of their businesses will go into the tank to seek investment […]

  • Mourning a Stranger

    10 Odd and Unusual Side Hustles

    The concept of side hustles dates all the way back to the 1950’s, but they have taken the financial world by storm as of late. Some people drive for taxi services like Uber, or Lyft. Some people do what is called ‘gofering’ where they run small errands for people like picking up their dry cleaning. […]

  • Husband Sues Wife Over a Donated Kidney

    Top 10 Absurdly Outrageous Lawsuits

    Some lawsuits are serious cases that have substantial and wide-reaching implications. Some are frivolous. And then some others are just so absurd that we have to wonder how these cases even made it before a judge. In this Top 10 ranking, we will be taking a look at some of the most absurd, baseless and […]