Favorite Brands By Generation

Favorite Brands

Grandma always used Jergens hand lotion and its distinct fragrance takes me back. Mom always used Tide and Downey and her laundry was always best. Can you guess my generation?

When a product provokes a pleasant emotional response consumers feel connected. This intimate connection translates into huge revenue for brands. 

MBLM’s annual Brand Intimacy Study measures how emotionally connected Americans are to their favorite brands. Each brand was given a score of 0 to 100 based on these factors:

Users: Consumers the brand has a relationship with

Emotional Connection: Positive feelings a user has for a brand and the extent to which their values closely align

Stage: The depth and intensity of the emotional connection to the brand

Archetypes: Degree to which the following six need states are present:

  • Fulfillment
  • Nostalgia
  • Enhancement
  • Identity
  • Ritual
  • Indulgence

Results of the Study

Gen Z/Millennials

Ages 18-34

Men prefer gaming brands

Women prefer retail brands

Playstation ranks highest in the nostalgia archetype

Everyone loves Amazon

38% of YouTube users can’t live without it

Gen X

Ages 35-54

Apple and Samsung are top brands for Gen X.

And of course, they too love Amazon

Gen X also loves a good Netflix and chill, or just Netflix. Subscriptions to Netflix in this age group have increased every year since 2017.

Jeep is going electric and Gen X digs it. Jeep is the preferred ride to Walmart, which is a definite top 10 favorite.

Baby Boomers

Ages 55-64

Kellogs is on the up and up among boomers, but struggling to interest Gen Z

Boomers love Amazon just as much as everyone else, drinks Pepsi religiously (Coke is not okay) and shops regularly at Costco.