German Cops Ticket Woman for Driving Dirty Car

From Ananova:

Police in Germany banned a woman driver’s car from the road – for being too untidy. The Vauxhall Astra was so full of junk, magazines, old clothes and even bits of furniture that they could barely see the driver at it roared down a motorway near Dusseldorf.

The driver – who has not been named by police – has been banned from taking the car on the road again until it has passed a tidiness test.

Police said the car was so full of junk the woman’s face was pressed up against the windscreen as she drove.

Do German cops have too much time on their hands? What a waste of taxpayer funds.

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  • Paul

    Must be a slow news day for Business Pundit…

  • Chris

    Re: Paul
    Haha, yeah, talk about having too much time on your hands

  • Star

    Sounds like a person with hoarding problems. I used to live with one, and their cars really are hazards. In an accident, all that junk would turn into projectiles and possibly injure or kill them and any passengers.

  • Janz

    The Germans take road safety very seriously. Especially the drivers dangerous driving position.
    Don’t blame the police. You obviously have never been a victim of such bad drivers in an accident.

  • Kaiserxx

    That woman was a hazard to herself as well as other drivers on the road.

  • The apparent “Slow news day” got you, Chris and Star, to comment. You might not have noticed the article was tagged in “Human nature, humor, and Idiots” categories.

    Humorous it was.
    Thanks Drea….

    Jared Lyda

  • Udo

    So you think driving like this is particularly safe?