Reebok EasyTone Shoes Promise to Tone Your Butt. Fad Alert!


Reebok–remember that brand?–recently came out with its new EasyTone sneakers.
These women’s shoes are built to tone and firm your bottom while you walk. WalletPop has a good analysis of what’s behind the butt-firming EasyTone:

These sneakers apparently build your body 12 different ways, just like Wonderbread. Reebok claims these sneakers provide 28 percent more gluteus maximus muscle activation, and 11% more calf and hamstring activation.

Reebok’s site explains that “DMX technology” and “balance pods” are the key. “Air travels between the forefoot and heel pod, creating super soft cushioning. The moving air creates a natural instability and forces your muscles to adapt to the air volume within the pods.”

Okay, here’s what I think they’re saying: The reason these sneakers give you a better workout is because they throw you off-balance and make it more difficult to walk in them.

(Reebok also claims that) “due to the instability of the balance pods, activities with unplanned side-to-side movement and/or any lateral-movement-sports such as tennis or basketball-should be avoided.”

Okay, so they work, as long as you don’t really exercise. This sounds like yet another fad shortcut to losing weight while expending little extra effort.

The idea that shoes can help tone you is in fact gaining traction among footwear manufacturers. The Wall Street Journal has more on the physiology behind “physiological footwear”:

Unlike traditional athletic shoes that are built to be stable, rocker-sole shoes are deliberately unstable. The effect, companies that make the shoes say, is similar to using a wobble board or balance board in a gym. To stand or walk in these shoes, you must engage more muscles than you do using regular shoes, the companies say. Manufacturers recommend you wear them during your normal activities, starting with short periods until you get used to them.

Reebok commissioned a study from the University of Delaware, which tested five women on a treadmill with electronic sensors on their muscles. Electrical activity in the butt muscles—representing muscle movement—was 28% greater for the EasyTone shoes than for a typical Reebok walking shoe used as a control. Electrical activity was 11% greater for the hamstring and calf muscles while wearing the EasyTones.

The test involved only 500 steps, and Reebok acknowledges that the effect may diminish as wearers get used to the shoes.

Studies done on the Masai, the first physiological shoe to hit markets, show that physical therapy patients given Masai shoes for three months recovered faster than their non-Masai-wearing counterparts. The shoes strengthened the small muscles around the ankles, and their weight helped wearers burn more calories, according to the WSJ article.

Reebok’s EasyTone shoes, on the other hand, are lighter. They also have only one study supporting that they strengthen muscles.

Reebok EasyTones, as well as the other physiological shoes on the market, strike me as yet another something-for-nothing fitness fad. By simply wearing the shoes, you firm up your glutes. I see this eventually going the direction of fads like the Atkins Diet and ankle weights (remember those?). Physiological footwear may have a permanent place in a niche market, but it’s not going to revolutionize female American butts. Only squats, lunges, and fewer donuts will accomplish that.

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  • i like the design and benefits. It’s a perfect gift for Christmas, isn’t it?

  • AM

    The shoes aren’t supposed to help you lose weight and never claim to in advertisements, and they are specifically WALKING shoes, so it’s perfectly reasonable for Reebok to suggest you avoid SPORTS. You wouldn’t wear basketball shoes to go walking, would you?

    And even if the technology behind it is “bogus”, a lot of women would feel compelled to walk more, which DOES help in overall fitness, and that’s kinda what the whole goal is. If people need to spend money to get the psychological encouragement, let them be. Better than them not having the motivation at all.

  • tl

    i bought these shoes and didnt know anything about them. I did use them right after i got them at the gym on the aliptical(?) the back of my foot has bothered me. its a pain right on the side of the foot by the ankle. my side of the foot is really swollen. Just wondering if anyone else has had this ailment.

  • I know they are a lot more expensive, but I absolutely love my Ryn shoes. They are almost hard to wear for over an hour but you get used to them and strengthened and toned in my case, BUT they are very exclusive and still hard to find —– you can find out more about Ryn Shoes by joing their facebook page at or their website at or at They are even FDA approved.

  • Cam

    If a shoe makes you feel better, and makes you want to walk or exercise more – I’m all for it. Choose your weapon, have fun and walk.

    We are an obese nation, and the health care costs associated with obesity are staggering. So pick the shoe that makes you feel the best and GET MOVING! Reebok, MBT, RYN, Z-CoiL are all great brands. But they won’t magically make you lose weight.

    I lost 65 pounds wearing Z-CoiL shoes. It wasn’t because they magically burned of the pounds. It was because my knees and ankles didn’t hurt anymore. Walking became enjoyable again, and I got busy moving because it was fun to move again. Now I wear Z-CoiLs, MBTs and RYNs. My feet like the variety of feelings I experience in all 3 shoes.

    I wrote a review comparing MBT & RYN shoes:

    I will be writing other reviews in the months to come. I’m not into pitting one brand against another. Rather, I want to share the “feeling” of the shoes.

    I believe shoes can be compared to cars. Each one “drives” differently. I will report on my experience “test driving” each shoe.

  • TLA

    I really wanted easytones as my one and only christmas gift. After I read the article, I almost decided not to purchase them.. until I read AM’s response. I agree; if these shoes encourage women like me to get out there and walk, kudos! It works for me. :o) If these shoes are just a little “psychological encouragement” I still want them.

  • Tim I get all the cutsey although transparent commentary on these shoes…the problem I have is with the logic used…or lack of it. If I lift a 5 pound weight….many times…I’ll get sore. Eventually however…the muscles get STRONGER and that 5 pound weight will not make my muscle any bigger than it becomes due to me using the weight. Nothing wrong with my body getting used to the shoes. It’s just like skating or swimming. Use the muscles and they become TONED. So the ankle muscles LEARN….the butt muscles LEARN…PERFECT. Thats the whole POINT. I guess unless we turn into Barry Bonds…it’s not worth the money so we get “pundits” who are really just putzes…who try to poo poo good ideas…because they dont ‘get” it. Oh and I REMEMBER Reebok. You ask as if THEY were a fad. It’s all I wear because I NEVER have a “break in period” with them and they FIT! Now go back to the food service or housekeeping job you came from. Hows it feel to be a fad?

  • KS

    If the shoe fits, walk in it! It’s unfortunate that this review was written by such a negative skeptic…..most likely someone who has not only NEVER worn the shoe, but probably is obese and does not exercise at all anyway. Am I right??? There is a foundation behind what the shoe aims to acomplish with technology and psychology. They claim to give you a better workout, not make you have Heidi Klums legs while you lay on the couch. Who cares if they only tested 500 people…it’s a shoe! People do all kinds of ridiculous things in everyday life that have never been scientificcly proven to have any benefit to them whatsoever but they do it anyway….and why not. Your article was not helpful in any way.

  • Andrea

    I tried on Skechers’ version & they weren’t comfortable, nor did the rocker sole feel as beneficial as fitflops or the incredible, thick sole Asian looking flip flops (that really work your legs & glutes). I plan to try on & possibly buy Reebok’s Easy Tones this week if they are comfortable & will encourage more walking while running errands, walking instead of driving on the college campus where I work, etc. The older we get, you gotta use it or lose it, so I’m all for any shoe that will encourage additional action & less couch riding!

  • healthy247

    Walking is the best exercise and overall toner for me. It’s something I can do consistently. My stomach is tighter, my legs and butt are more toned and I simply feel better. I read another post on Prevention about exercise insoles that fit into sneakers and shoes that help increase circulation and burn calories. I wear them everywhere I go. They’re really comfortable, and I felt the difference in my legs and butt almost immediately. They’re like the new Reebok EasyTone, but less than $30. I’m always looking for ways to enhance weight loss and these insoles are a real help. They’re called Smartsole exercise insoles I saw a discount code MB10 for 10% off on a coupon board.

  • Mrs. J

    I’m a dance instructor, immediately you’r eall assuming I have a dancer’s body…haha not even close. I am not genetically built to have a dancers body and it really (for lack of a better word) sucks that I’ve spent so much time obsessing over it. The most important thing that I teach my students is that it doesn’t matter what shape you are, we’re not all 5’10 and 100 lbs, it matters that you’re healthy and active. If these sneakers encourage more activity and healthier movement then why the hell not? No, you’re not going to lose 60lbs walking on them, but they might make you feel better. Even if they are one small part of your new healthy lifestyle, it’s still a healthy lifestyle.

  • Cabinlady

    Can you Exercise in these EasyTone?

  • Jen

    I think that earth shoes work just fine. They have a variety of styles (sneakers to “dressy”-type shoes) so there is no excuse to not wear them all the time

    I am still intrigued by easy tones, and actually plan on trying some on and seeing how they feel in the store.

  • I am planning to get a pair of the Reebok Easy Tone shoes as soon as I can find a pair. The Athletic Foot store near my house didn’t carry them and the advice on how to get them was a little shaky.

    After reading the comments I am scared that the athletic shoe with work clothes/skirts/dresses will kick into high gear again. The people who like beautiful things are trying hard to get rid of that fad – the clothes and the person look a little unkempt.

    I am still going to get a pair of the easy tones, but I promise I will only wear them with jeans or workout clothing – never with my skirts.

  • Liz

    I bought the reebok easytone shoes because they had an appealing promise and I needed a new pair of walking shoes anyway. As it turns out, they are THE most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I used to get back pain if I wore regular tennis shoes out and about, but have yet to experience that yet and I have owned and wore this shoe often for about a month. So far, I don’t notice a change in my glutes, but I have noticed more tone in my lower legs for sure! I recommend them! :)

  • Joan

    I would like to read ONE review of these shoes without the snarky comments about lazy people and fatt butts and getting off of said butt. What fitness snobs these writers are. They must look good, but who’d want to be around them?

    Anyhow, I agree with the commenters who point out that if the shoe feels good, people will walk in the damn thing, which is the objective, I believe.

    I love these shoes so far. I had no trouble getting used to them, even with my ski-injured ankles that are prone to giving way unexpectedly. I have a narrow mid-foot, flat arch and a very narrow heel. I tend to pronate, but not badly. It’s hard for me to find shoes that fit. These are so comfortable I don’t even know I have them on. Roomy for me in the toe box, since my foot is narrow, but I don’t slide around in it. It doesn’t slip on my heel. I can lace it snugly without cutting the circulation off.

    Nike, Saucony, and Asics shoes tend to fit me well, but not Adidas (always too wide). That may give you a sense of how these fit, in terms of foot types.

  • Joleen

    I think the writer of this “fad alert” is just a cynical, pessimist that wants to make other people feel stupid for wanting an edge on toning muscle. Sounds like a fat person that has no intention of losing weight that wants rain on the parade.

    I love the shoes!!!!!!!

    I also have to lift weights and swim in addition to walking. Of course when I lift weights I wear a different pair of shoes, but that’s not sooooo difficult to pull off, “writer” of this article.

    Anyone who has these shoes and is happy with yourself and your workout regimin…good for you!!!

  • SEA

    I got a pair of these custom designed for christmas, and I love them.

    They fit really well under jeans so they make it easy to wear everyday. I can walk in these all day and my feet and legs still feel great. While I haven’t worn them enough to see results, but my butt and hamstrings feel like I have worked them out a little. I don’t know if they will make me look better in the long run, but I feel good in these shoes, and when I feel good, I look good.



  • annika

    I just bought a pair of easy tones today and i LOVE them! they are the most comfortable pair of shoes i have ever owned i went on a 3mile walk today and if it would not have gotten dark i would have kept going! these shoes rock! i hold three jobs two of witch being waitressing jobs so i am on my feet all the time! these shoes are a total blessing! love them love them love them!

  • Stephanie

    I have had my easy tones for about 4 months and love them. I could care less about the muscle tone in the ads. The most important thing to me is that I work at a hospital and am on my feet for 8-12 hours a day and my feet don’t hurt by the end. I do not feel off balance at all in these shoes. They are the most comfortable shoes I have even owned. I don’t know what I will do if they ever stop making them.

  • Tamara

    Anyone who thinks that a pair of shoes will tone your butt is living in lala land. I bought my reebok easy tones because they are so comfortable, as a matter of fact I only wear reebok shoes period. I never buy a shoe based on the hype, and I am a grown woman and I know to tone any body part requires you to work out,

  • Elizabeth Luft

    I’ve had the EasyTone Reebok for over a year I walk my dog for about 45 minutes every day, once I started wearing the Easytone I certainly noticed the difference, they are fabulous!! After those 45 minutes I felt like I had been at the gym using the step/stair exercising machine, my calves burned my upper legs and a bit on my gluteus… the shoes are really comfortable, yesterday I went to Sears to see the LA Gear (which they look alike), but there is no comparison, starting from the price $29 vs. $90, you pay what you get. I have worn them so much I’d like to buy a new pair (hopefully the price goes down because I am short of cash these days), hope my review helps people who are debating whether to buy them or not. I loved them.

  • Natalie

    I am very active and bought a pair, mainly for walking since i prefer to rely on a running shoe for running. It is only the first week and they are fairly comfortable; not sure i will notice any difference in the legs, but will see. I believe that any product that is comfortable and motivates you to exercise is worth it… that’s why I’m hooked on lulu too.

  • Mary

    I bought the easy tones for my back – I have a bulging disc and my neurosurgeon suggested them to strengthen my back. I have only had them 3 weeks but they are great. I stand up straighter, hold my stomach in automatically, my overall posture has improved(from the slumping I have been doing from the pain). As for the benefits wearing off-they are comfortable and they make me want to walk, so I will keep wearing them – they also have easy tones for running-switch it up-tone the same muscles in two different ways-that will keep the muscles busy. Don’t knock them until you have tried them!

  • Saamantha

    They were not created to lose weight. They were made to amp up the volume every time you were them. Fad Alerts should be used on Acai Berry products and weight loss pills that actually claim that you will lose weight. Im going to go buy my pair today!!

  • Saamantha

    *wear them.

  • Smarter Than You

    For everyone that talked against these shoes – get your asses to a gym and start exercising. If you were already in shape you would realize what these shoes do for you. Quit sitting on your asses reading blogs about people getting toned and go out and get ‘toned’ yourselves. It pains me to see people being critical about something that has worked – even if just for some. HEY EVERYONE – LETS GO WORK OUT!

  • I still wonder if the shoes hold up over time – how long do they last. When I have purchased Reebok shoes before the support gave out quickly. I am trying the Avia Avi Motions right now – similiar to the Skechers Shape Ups.

  • Commonsense

    The writer of this article and some of the comments are misinformed. The shoe is supported by AIR POCKETS, making them ONLY functional as a walking shoe. Running/vigorous activity WILL pop them. Second the shoe isnt designed to work by itself,you must WALK PROPERLY, many people drag their feet or dont bend their knees when walking. Third the only way toning shoes WORK is if you put weight on the heel FIRST when stepping and vary the terrain you walk on. Muscles adapt to change very well, doing the same thing repeatedly will stop working.

  • @Commonsense – I agree with you. And because the Reebok Air Pockets might not last, and you have to walk in them the way you would with the natural walking shoes, I picked the Avia Avi-Motion shoes.

  • MsZee

    I love these shoes. I had the Shape Ups but returned them because they gave me blisters on my heel and under my big toe(I don’t wear socks). I have a slender heels so socks slide down into my shoe. I have had my easy tones for about 6 weeks and they have been great to me. I did a 5k in them. My husband purchased the Run Tones and after the run he said his calves were sore as if he had done a major workout. My husband is very muscular(makes me sick and I swelling like the Goodyear Blimp). I immediately went to the store and purchased a pair of Reebok Run Tones to start running in. Reebok is making different types of shoes with this technology. Hence the Simple tones, Easy tones, Run tones, and they will be coming out with a workout and basketball one soon. Again I love them they are so comfortable.

  • ppoi

    they work great if you walk right in them. you have to actually stand up straight and walk a certain way. if you do it right, you can even feel it in your abs a bit. i love mine. and i also have bad knees (low cartilidge) so they’re like getting orthopedic shoes w/out looking like you have boats on your feet

  • Mullis

    I teach dance and wear these to teach in all day. The air pockets seem to act somewhat as a shock absorber and I was able to teach all day on the concrete floor without any pain. They are super comfortable and the pain I usually experience in my feet after standing on a concrete floor was significantly dimished. Also, I do feel a difference when working out. The idea that you have to concentrate your muscles is true and I would not suggest these for people with poor balance. However, I was able to dance and move freely without worrying about instabilty. I looked at the LA Gear version, but there was no comparison. These are definitely the way to go.

  • ellekay

    Does anyone have any thoughts about the flip-flops?

  • nancy

    I just bought the Rebock Easy Tone shoes. Went for a short walk..perhaps 1 mile yesterday. This morning I could barely get out of bed….my left hip is Extremely sore. Could this be caused from the shoes? Anyone else have any problems like this getting used to them? I am a regular walker so not new to this type of exercise.. Any comments??

  • adam

    The Atkins diet is a fad???

    The low-fat diet is the real fad. Ask Gary Taubes.

  • Alex

    The easy tone sneakers are wonderful! they are so comfortable and bouncy, you don’t even realize you’re working your muscles until the next day, its fabulous. Just purchased the flip flops, they are the most comfortable pair of flip flops I have ever owned, and I usually wear flip flops most of the year…. these shoes are so worth the money!

  • Nissi

    I just bought these shoes 2 nights ago i wore them all day yesterday and today… they have to be the most comfortable walking shoes I’ve ever worn! Even in just 1 day of wearing them my legs felt sore this morning when i woke up… i dont know if these shoes really work but i do know that it makes me want to walk… EVERYWHERE and any chance i get :) It even helps my posture, almost as if im walking in heels… they are walking shoes not miracle workers but i would buy them just for the comfort, (its like buying a treadmill… you’re not going to lose weight by just buying one… unless you use it…) so BUY these and use them!! if you dont see results at least u will be walking in comfortable shoes :)

  • Joan

    I’ve been wearing mine for a few months now. I stand up for about 8 hours preparing for, selling at, and then unpacking for my farmers market booth. When I wear these shoes, my feet and legs do not get tired as they used to. I’m on my feet a lot, and I really appreciate not having tired, sore feet at the end of the day.

  • Sue

    I haven’t purchased a pair of Easytones yet, but after
    reading some of the testimonies, they sound like a thumbs
    up. I liked Nissi’s comment that it helped her posture.
    I have some back problems….would Easytones help improve
    my back pain?

  • Tina

    So lucky me I work at a place that sale these shoes and I was able to get them for a discount. Working as a full-time retail manager I am on my feet walking 40+ hours a week. These shoes really have helped me for those reasons. They are not the answer to losing weight (and never claimed to be) but I love the definition in my calves. And considering all my food goes to my thighs it def helps keep the jiggle down. Now that the weather is warm I can’t wait to buy a pair of runtones.

  • Lori

    I got my easytones not even a month ago and my left shoe went flat on me!! I used them 5 days a week and walked 3-5 miles a daay in them. So I am EXTREMELY UNHAPPY my shoe went flat!!!! I liked walking in them but it took my feet a while to get use to them! I had alot of blisters, numbness in my feet and my ankles were sore from getting use to balancing on them! I tried twice to e-mail the compnay about the shoes and have gotten no response! Not happy at all esp for $100 a pop! Anyone know of another brand (besides the ugly sketchers) that do the same thing and are affordable??

  • Pamela

    So interesting hearing all of your reviews. Just a note about toning shoes being an ineffective fad….it think this person was just indicating that real results will only happen with a proper diet and regular exercise, and not that the shoes does not help to some extent rather psychologically or physically or both.

    I just bought a pair of Easy Tones today and walked around the mall a couple of times. They are extremly comfortable and light. I will add ankle weights to get a more dramatic effect. I think that we should all be careful of the placebo effects that advertisers use to get your money, but this shoe seems to be worth a try. I will be happy to see what kind of results I see in a month or two.

  • Pamela,
    If you read the cautions on your ankle weights, you will see that they definitely stress that you don’t wear them for walking exercise – you could maybe tear your achilles tendon. So be careful since one of the reasons the shoes are supposed to work is that they keep you a little off balance.

  • Di

    I agree with Tim in November. I don’t know who wrote this but Atkins is not a “fad” it’s a way of life for some. Especially some people that diabetes runs in the family. Some people know a little about alot of different things and think they know more than they do. Reebok is a very comfortable shoe. What is this person about 20 and thinks $100.00 is cheap for tone-up shoes? If I had the money I might buy every kind and see what I like the best. If you like them and they make you walk, wear them. If you don’t like them, wear what is comfortable for you and protects your feet to walk. Walking is what tones up the muscles anyway.

  • Mariel

    I just had them for 5 days and it motivates me to walk 2 miles everyday instead of taking the bus. I used them at work at the hospital for 8 hours. So far so good I think it’s working…. I’m loving them and I’m planning to buy another pair just in case they run of stocks. I recommend them.

  • Kate

    I cycle and swim regularly, also stretch and do yoga, got the Easy Tones to walk around in at work about two months ago, thought they would be fun to wear. For the past month, I have had severe leg cramping in both legs, it has been so intense it frequently wakes me up at night. My lower leg muscles also felt as though they were burning throughout the day. I thought it was from the cyling so I backed way down, the cramping actually intensifed, I also slowed down with the swimming. I did not even think about the shoes until last week when a yoga instructor told me it sounded as though my feet were the problem. I immediately quit wearing them and within two nights I was sleeping again. The worst pain was in the muscle above the ankle on the outer side of each leg. I am just one opinion, however, it was great to be able to ride my bike 55 miles yesterday and know that was not the problem. NO more Easy Tone wearing for me!

  • tammy

    i got theses shoes so i could tone my legs and bottom its been about a month but no results and i wear them every day sometime they burn my feet when i walk in them

  • MIC


  • KSL

    I’ve had mine about two months…I walk about 3-4 miles a day 5-7 days a week. Bad news is both shoes have already gone flat. At $100 I am disappointed. I just can’t afford shoes that only last two months.

  • AMI

    I bought these easytones this weekend. I walked around in them all weekend and I can definitely tell the difference in my thighs and ankles today (not a visual difference, but I can feel that they are working a little harder than normal) I LOVE these shoes. They are super comfortable, and they are kinda like walking around on BOSU balls they do take getting used to, but you’re not going to trip and fall on your face or anything. I highly recommend them. They are fun to walk around in, so if they encourage us to be a little more active because our shoes are fun (and not to mention, they don’t look retarded like the sketchers shape ups!) then go ahead and buy yourself a pair! You can even go as far as to create your own design and have a totally original pair through the reebok website.

    Have fun and go outside and play!

  • ks

    i have a pair and i do the exercises that came in a manual with my shoes and my butt calves and hamstrings burn….so who ever says they dont work need to get a pair :)

  • samantha

    these shoes look and feel great, AT 1ST, but since it’s been 4 whole days in walking in them (my job requires me to be on my feet 6 hours per day), i have severe foot pain in both of my feet! they feel comfy to walk in, but at times where I had to stand for 2 hours straight, not walking but just shifting, they are not comfortable at all. i was perplexed as to how they felt so comfortable when i walked but so painful and uncomfortable to stand in. i am taking mine back to the store tomorrow!

  • MnM

    i just got a pair and have walked around in them and they feel great and like AMI has said they don’t look retarded like sketchers shape ups. i will post again how they feel after a week of walking around in them.
    (i have the grey and green pair)

  • kate

    I’m an RN, I’m on my feet all day .I stumbled across this article when looking to buy another pair of easytones. By far THE most comfy shoes I’ve ever worn. And there is a difference in the tone of my legs and butt. Have had em since christmas, and I love em. I suggest you try the product before writing about it.

  • Liz

    My boyfriend and I saw the advertisement for these while walking in the mall… it stopped him dead in his tracks. LOL. have you seen the ass on that woman?
    So…. He encouraged me to try them on and he even bought me a pair! He said my butt is already great, but just the thought of making it any greater had him all excited. So of course I was happy to receive this gift. Here is what I have to say about these shoes…
    1. The most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.. Clouds.
    2. Just wearing them makes me feel sexy because they make you slightly taller and I’m already 5’8”.
    3. I actually WANT to walk. and my boyfriend walks with me :) We have walked just about every night… few days off… for about 3-4 miles around a little creek.
    4. I have had them for 2 weeks and I have def. noticed a change in how hard my thighs and butt are. they are tightening right up!
    5. They are Cute! i got the white and red ones.
    6. My bf can’t keep his hands off me… but i guess he was like that before too.

    anyways, they are great. !!

  • Can you Exercise in these EasyTone?

  • kiki

    I bought Easy Tones for running and love them!!!!They have more air pockets then the walking ones! Very comfortable shoes and I hope they will last for a while! My daughter has the ones for walking and she finds them comfortable as well. II’m a fan of Reebok, the best runners for me, I tried Nikes and didn’t like them that much.

  • ted

    Why did they cast 90 pound girls with flat boney asses. It’s like watching teen boys in pink booty shorts

  • Ally

    i found that these shoes actually gave me foot problems… my mom bought them and wore them for a day and said that her sciatic nerve started acting up so she gave them to me! and when i took them i walked in them everytime i went for a walk! i noticed after the 3rd day that my joints for my big toes were actually hurting and felt like something in them were cracked!! needles to say i have stopped wearing them…i may try them again soon but they hurt my feet and i also noticed that my shoulders and back started hurting me as well!!!

  • JR

    I’ve had mine several months now and they’ve worn well. I wear them every Saturday at my farmers market. I have lumbar stenosis, so standing really kills me. I am able to work all morning in these, plus load and unload the truck, and I notice a real difference in the pain — much less! I adore these shoes.

  • Active Mom/Former Marine

    I too thought that adding this tad bit of exercise to my daily walking (I’m not a “walker” – I just wore them when I would go out anywhere) would be great. At first it was awesome. I loved the look of the shoes and I didn’t mind adjusting to the different feel. Now, however, I am experiencing excruciating heel pain – or plantar faciitis. Whether you are new to exercise or are an avid participant, make sure you have proper arch support before you begin using these shoes. Picture your arches as you suspend them over midair on two balls placed at the ball of your foot and your heel. I’m not saying that arch support will stop this possibility in this shoe – in all hindsight I am kicking myself for not seeing the design flaw before I even wore them. Now I have what seems like an eternity before I can even walk without a limp and actually begin an exercise program again. Please be careful out there. I do not recommend the Reebok Easy Tone to anyone.

  • steve


  • steve


  • Erin

    I personally work at reebok. Easy tones, run tones, and train tones do in fact work. i have a pair of easy tones and i wear them every time I work. I have noticed a significant difference in the firmness of my legs, thighs and butt. this is not a gimmick to get you to buy the shoes. THEY WORK!!!

  • @Erin, I find it really interesting that you would google the same sites that people like me, who are wondering if the shoes work, are searching.

    If you know the shoes work why are you looking for information on whether or not the shoes work. I really wish I could trust Reebok to make a shoe that would last over a period of more than a few wearing and I would try the easy tone. I do no that the MBT and MBT knock-offs (this includes the fit flops) can cause injury from walking if you wear them for too many hours right away.

    I don’t know anyone personally who have tried the reebok but my past experience with reebok shoes – while extremely comfortable, the shoes didn’t last long.

  • Erin

    I only search these sites to let people know that they do work. I know from experience. It is my job to let people like you know. I dont know what reebok shoes you got in the past but they last 10 to 12 months.

  • @Erin, Thanks for the response. So what happens if you buy a pair that only lasts a few months? Can you return them for a new pair, etc?

  • Erin

    it really depends on the the type of shoes you get. with our new technology the shoes will last longer. What type of shoes did you get?

  • If you read the entire thread you will find several posts about shoes deflating after a few wearings and no ability to return the shoes. Easy Tones specifically.

  • Erin

    okay easytones dont deflate. that is ridiculous. they may be knock offs that claim to be reebok. I have had my pair for 6 months and they are still in great condition.

  • kiki

    My daughter has the easy tones and she loves them. I have the run tones and I’ve never had a more comfortable runners ever! After my run I feel that my butt and the back of my legs really had a workout! love them!!!

  • kate

    I posted before on here about how much I love my easy tones. I’ve had em since december, and I wear them everyday and I’m a nurse so I’m on my feet a lot, but I actually wore them down so much you can see the balance pads through the sole and they did deflate. But that won’t stop me from getting another pair! They work, and I replace my shoes every 3 to 4 months anyhow. They are well made shoes, I’m just really hard on em!

  • Erika

    I got them almost two years ago as a Christmas gift, I hadn’t walk my dog in a few weeks (I posted before that I wear them when walking my dog), today I wore them again and they work like the first time, my calves burn, my upper legs also, so I don’t understand who posted that theirs “deflated”, very unsual… mine certainly work and I love them!

  • Erin

    Like i said earlier easytones do not deflate. deflating is puncturing something and air being released immediately. The stability balls at the bottom should not wear down, the only way that happens is if you are skidding your feet as you walk

  • kate

    I am well educated, and I know what “deflate” means. There is no air left in the balance pads and they make a whoopie cushion noise if I get them wet. You can see blue through the sole of the shoe. If you’d like pictures I can show you. ANY shoe’s sole will wear out if you put enough mileage on them, and I don’t skid my feet. Any container that is pliable and holds air has the ability to deflate. But like I said, its not a defect in the product, its because I’ve used them so much! I mean 16 hours 7 days a week. Yes I work that much, and after 10 months of ABUSING these shoes I wore out the soles and the balance pads have deflated. Even still I wear them cuz they’re damn comfy. I have only worn ONE other pair of shoes ONCE in this 10 month period because I had to go to a fancy thing and I wore heels. And because I love them so much, I have a brandy new pair of runtones on their way to my house as we speak. No product is perfect, and verything wears down eventually. I wouldn’t have purchased another pair if it was a bad product. I love em.

  • Amanda

    I’ve had the Reebok easy tone runners for 3 months. I work out 4 times a week. I have a slim built, but have a pear shape figure. My problem area was the top of my thighs. After using these shoes running and doing my regular routine my legs were sore after each work out. In 3 months my legs have become more defined, and the cellulite is gone!

  • The main informercial recommends that socks not to be worn with Reebok easy tones because it defeats the purpose of its mechanics.These shoes were intended to be worn over bare feet.

  • klanslp

    I have been wearing the Easy Tones for 9 months 3 days a week for 8 hour days. I am a therapist and am on my feet a lot. They are comfortable while you wear them, but I’ve been having significant heel pain in the evening after I have stopped wearing them for the day. I am seriously considering selling them and buying the new Adidas ones that come out in Feb. 2011. My neighbor is a running shoe specialist dude and he says the Reebok Easy Tone is a joke. I think I believe him. My foot really hurts!!

  • Okay now that is just unbelieveable. Do the shoes come with a removeable sock that you can wash other wise MAN – the shoes will smell really BAD!

  • They have an antimicrobial treatment to address this.WATCH THE INFOMERCIAL.

  • Diane

    I have to agree with everyone else. 1st of all if it help encourge us to gett off our butts and move more then great, if it boast our self esteem thats even better..and if your moving more and feeling better about yourself that positive image will be reflected in so many ways, and self confidence is a great thing.
    Also technology has changed so much from year to year that these might actually work. I know that I hike and the shoes change so much from one year to the next with so many features and benifits.
    I say lets get up off our butts and try them. they say that the Electrical activity in the butt muscles—representing muscle movement—was 28% greater for the EasyTone shoes than for a typical Reebok walking shoe used as a control. Electrical activity was 11% greater for the hamstring and calf muscles while wearing the EasyTones. Isnt that 28% mored than sitting on our butt does.

  • You will have heel pain,possible foot pain,back pain,blisters if you wear socks with Reebok Easy tones.Watch the Reebok infomercial:www.reebok

  • Joan

    I never have had a problem from wearing socks myself, happily. But I think that there could be multiple things at work for someone who is having foot pain. It could be the shoes, but it could be a combination of effects, so it’d be worthwhile to have it checked out. :)

  • Amber

    Considering all comments, good and bad, I think I’m going to try out these shoes. I’m a waitress, so walking for 8 – 12 hours is sometimes a job requirement.
    My only real concern is hearing of all the pain that comes out of it..
    Steve pointed out that everybody has different feet, he’s even flat footed. Ya’ll with pain, are you flat footed as well? If the shoes are lacking arch support, add a $5 arch supporter and try them out again. After all, alot of people get back and joint pain from poor arches.
    I’m a walker as a job, so getting MORE out of all my walking would be great. My mom who stands all day bought a pair of the Sketchers brand and loves them. They take away her back and hip pain because they make her stand with better posture. I’m a walker with a few less years, I’m going to try out the Reeboks. (I’m just not keen on looking like I’m wearing Moon-bounce shoes :D )

  • Amber

    And for Heaven’s sake people, it’s a shoe. Don’t get so bent out of shape(ups) over them.

  • JR

    I’m one of the people who works on them all day and loves them, and I have flat feet. Narrow feet, flat, with a narrow heel. And long — size 10. If that helps you decide.

  • Marissa

    I recently purchased the Reebok Easy Tone shoes and absolutely love them! They are so comfortable, I don’t feel unstable at all when I am walking, running, or whatever in them.

  • Jennifer

    I bought the Easy Tones for running about a month ago. I really liked them at first but a few weeks ago I started having some back pain. I didn’t think anything of it and kept wearing the shoes. My back hurt so bad I even thought it could be my kidneys. About a week ago my back pain had increased and actually has created huge amount of discomfort in my hip all the way down to my foot. Almost feels like a pinched nerve. I have never felt like this in my life. My husband suggested it may be the shoes. I had not changed anything else in my workout routine. I am not sure if it is but I am going to stop wearing them for a while. If it stops, I will let you all know. I will also let Reebok know!

  • Kirsty

    hi, am considering buying the reebok easy tone as i work in a school and am constantly on the go. the only thing bothering me is that 3 years ago i had the cartlidge done on my knee, just wondering whether anybody knew if the trainers would do more harm than good?

  • dimitri

    WATCH THE INFORMERCIAL.Socks were never intended to be worn with these shoes.Socks defeat the mechanics of these shoes.

  • Morgan

    I bought my EasyTones in February of this year and I like them, but they have worn out quicker than any other shoe I have ever owned! I have been working retail for over 7 years and recently took a position that allows me to be off my feet at least half of the time. I am very disappointed in the quality of the soles, laces (mine snapped this morning), and inside materials (the inner heel portion is totally shredded). I only wear them to work, never for running/walking outside. It’s too bad because they are very comfortable and cute. My next pair of work shoes will not be Reeboks. For $100, I could have bought 2 pairs of New Balance, which have always been my althletic/work shoe of choice. Oh well, lesson learned.

  • Babygirl

    I have been wearing the run tones for the past 3 weeks. During week 2, my thighs and butt were sore. I have already noticed a major improvement in the cellulite I had on the backs if my thighs. My butt is no longer “dimpled” with cellulite. My butt us sooooo sore! I have had a little foot pain, but nothing that a quick footrub didn’t solve. I also have been wearing socks
    so thanks for the info regarding socks.

  • Mmmmmm, @BabyGirl – you are now cellulite free? The commercials don’t even claim that. Did you exercise at all before getting the Easy Tones?

  • Babygirl

    @ HeelShields. I will attempt to be crystal clear in this response…. 1) I am purchased the RUNtones not Easy tones. 2) I was/am not even considered to be even moderately overweight. 3) I did, in fact, have the “dimpled” cellulite on my butt. 4) I no longer have the “dimpled cellulite on my butt. (In fact, my butt IS noticeably more firm) 5) I still a little cellulite on my thighs, although it is not noticeable from all positions and/or angles. Additionally, during the week immediately following my purchase, I followed the Atkins Diet (Phase 2) for about 4 days. I walked/jogged 3 miles on 1 day and walked 1 mile another day. (I stopped because I got a really bad cold and just never started again.) Prior to that it had been 2-3- months since I worked out, and even that was inconsistent. I have not worked out anymore since then, nor have I dieted in any fashion. I re-read my post just to make sure I didn’t suggest that anyone would achieve my results in the same time frame…………..I didn’t! Every person is different. Thank God I was blessed with a good metabolism. I wish you well!

  • Well @BabyGirl that is wonderful. And, no offense was intended.

  • dimitri


  • Jessica

    I find the following very useful information on toning shoes and wellness shoes.

    Really a good overview to view before you make your purchase.

  • Sue

    i purchased myself and my daughter a pair, at first they were great shoes, loved them they made my back and hip feel so good, now they care causing severe heal pain…. i cant put my foot on the floor to walk it hurts so bad, have no idea what happened to the shoe to cause this

  • Katy Zalar

    I love these shoes….I am a big walker outside and treadmill at the gym….and they took no getting used to.
    I think my butt looks a bit better and the back of my legs are looking more toned maybe my imagination who knows
    But one thing I know for sureis they are well priced and were comfy to walk in from the beginning

  • dimitri

    Sue,are you wearing socks?GET RID OF THE SOCKS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.Reebok easy tones were never intended to be worn with socks,period!!When you wear these,you are supposed to get the effect of walking on the beach,barefoot.DO YOU WALK IN YOUR SOCKS WHEN WALKING ON THE BEACH?I DON’T THINK SO.WATCH THE INFOMERCIAL AT reebok

  • G

    Well, you can certainly tell who wears these shoes and who doesn’t, can’t you? Why is it that you must either wear and like, or don’t wear and don’t like? I wore and didn’t like, even though I really wanted to. (What woman doesn’t want a butt like those in the commercials?) I felt uncomfortable and off-balance. You’d think that something with so many supposed health benefits would not have had that effect.

    I find it ironic that someone mentioned that the haters are obviously fat people who are lazy and don’t exercise. Isn’t it far more likely that “the wearers” are, in fact, the lazy ones? Buying shoes that supposedly tone your butt (yet not supported by science) instead of going to the gym or pilates screams “laziness” just a bit louder, don’t you think? Taking short cuts that won’t work long-term? Yeah. I thought so, too.

    Off to the gym now, wearing shoes (by Reebok, surprisingly) that help support my muscles and keep me safe from unnecessary strain. Enjoy your fad! I hope you don’t get injured from it, though it sounds like some of you already have. Bummer.

  • JR

    To G — they’re SHOES. Wear them or don’t. Why get all nasty on people? Geez.

    I have no idea if they tone my butt. I don’t care. They’re comfortable. To me, that’s the primary reason to wear a shoe. And I can even say that without insulting anybody. Who knew?

  • Me

    I work at a vet clinic and I’m pretty much on my feet all day, walking from one end of the clinic to the other, never stopping. I wanted a high quality shoe that was comfortable enough to wear all day without causing foot fatique and pain, but one that could also work my leg muscles as I work. My thought was “Why not try a pair of these shoes?!” I tried a bunch of different kinds, thanks to some awesome friends who allowed me to borrow their shoes for a week or two to try them out. Overall I tried the Reebok Easytones, Reebok Simplytones, and a pair of Sketchers ShapeUps. The end result was that I fell in LOVE with the Reeebok Simplytones and bought a pair online for a great sale price that same day. I’ve had them for about 6 months now, where them 5 days a week all day at work, and I not only see stronger, more defined calves and thighs, but after a long day on my feet they actually don’t hurt because of these shoes. They may not work for everyone, and they can’t be expected to make miracles as far as weight loss or body shaping, but I think they are well worth the money! In fact, I’ve asked my husband for a second pair for Christmas so that I have one pair just for work and a second pair for my daily walks. I couldn’t wear anything else at this point, because everything else I’ve tried causes horrible foot fatique and back pain after a few hours of being on my feet at work.

  • Fern

    I wore the Masai Barefoot Tech shoes (MBT) while rehabilitating a very, very tight hip flexor that also caused major spasms in my glutes. I had immediate relief from hip flexor pain when I put the MBT on, and the spasms worked themselves out…I can’t help but wonder if these are a cheap knock-off that doesn’t do the same job. (MBTs are REALLY expensive, but I still wear mine when my hip flexor or glutes are acting up.)

    Re: the ankle weights– Hey! I use ankle weights! For the simple reason that when your body is heavier, you do more work moving around, you burn more calories.

    If they are comfortable, go for it. If not, stay away. (And if you have an injury that needs help, consider the MBT.)

  • Fern

    ps: Sue, you may have found this out, but what you’re describing sounds like planar fascitis. Your doc can help with stretches, etc.

  • dimitri

    Does any one follow advice/directions anymore?REEBOK EASY TONES WERE NEVER INTENDED TO BE WORN WITH SOCKS,PEROID.www.reebok

  • DO NOT LISTEN TO Sarah Dusault on is wearing the type of socks that will cause all the problems that I described in past posts.BAREFOOT IS BEST WITH REEBOK EASY TONES.

  • Mae

    People who claim that these shoes don’t work are full of crap. As a regular part of my workout, I walk 4+ miles a day because walking is a more slimming than running. The first time I wore my new EasyTone shoes on my walk, I could feel the burn in my calves after the first 1/2 mile. My regular shoes didn’t do that for me. My legs hurt after my walks where my regular shoes didn’t. I may be no expert, but I’m an athlete so I know when my body is getting a good workout and these shoes will give you that.

  • debbie

    I recently started a job in which I’m walking 10hrs/day and was going home practically in tears from my knees and ankles aching. I went out to search for some good, comfy shoes and ended up finding a buy one, get one 1/2 off sale at a local store. After trying on about 10 different pairs (including Sketchers Shape-ups, which were just weird, and others), I bought a pair of Reebok Easytones and also Reebok Easyruns. They are both insanely comfortable and I haven’t had a problem with my knees nor ankles hurting since! I don’t know about helping me to lose weight, but if you’re just looking for some sneakers to help you get through your day, then these are the shoes for you. I love them and would recommend them to all my friends/fam.

  • Megan

    As a lady with very little junk in her trunk… I had to try these shoes…
    Did it give me a J-Lo rear?? No… But have I noticed a drastic improvement in the caboose department? Yes. And so have the men around me! :-D
    Also, I hav high arches and these are some of the most comfortable “athletic shoes” I’ve ever worn. And I did a bootcamp in them.

  • Bianca

    I have them and I hate them! If you really run, every day, your knees and ankles will start hurting!

    I don’t recommend them for running nor doing regular workout!

  • Erin

    Wow easytones are not for running!!! thats what runtones are for!!!!

  • Jessica

    I have narrow feet and I have had some cramps after wearing these shoes from the instability that Reebok built into this shoe. That said, I still wear them. I have been wearing mine for a year to work out. When comparing the same workout with and without these shoes, I have noticed that that the Easy Tones make the workout more intense.

    As one reviewer said, these shoes amp up the intensity of your workout. They are not a replacement for working out.

  • hallimos

    At first they seemed good, but then shortly I felt an ache in my achilles. Wore them less often. I’m a teacher and I wear sneakers all day, every day and am constantly walking up and down stairs. Wore them often enough though. Then I found a large lump on my right achilles tendon and a smaller one on my left. Went to a foot specialist who said that she’s seen patients mostly w/knee injuries from these sneakers. Another doctor said the same thing. I’ve been through physical therapy for almost a year. They’ve seen knee injuries from these sneakers.. Much of the cramping has disappeared, but the lump on the right is still there and slightly less on the left. There is still aching at times. Reebock took my EasyTones and gave me others as a replacement, but I’ve shelled out hundreds of dollars in physical therapy!
    Would like to hear from others… Thinking of a class action lawsuit.

  • Sk

    Wow, Erin, do you still work for Reebok? I’m sure they love the positive face you’re putting on their company!

  • Emmz

    I just got reebok easytone passion boots and I love them, okay i admit £120 for a pair of black boots is a bit extream but I think they are totally worth it. I walk to and from work and if Im doing that anyway why not add a little extra workout. I have fitflops, shapeups and now easytones and the reason I have them all is they work. If your looking for a quick fix then look away, but if your looking for something to maximise your workout then go out and get a pair. I have some form of workout shoes for years, back in the days where DTZ’s was all you could get. I dont agree with people saying they are a fad, everything is a fad, its how devoted you are to keeping your body well that counts! Im a dancer and I swear work out shoes have helped me keep my leg muscles stong enough! The world is changing and science will keep finding new ways to keep our bodies fit! dont diss what you cant understand, they are not a magical cure for over weight but they will help when used with healthy eating and exercise.

  • Jeanette

    I bought 2 pairs of the Reebok Easytones while they were on sale. I am on my feet a lot and I love them. I have noticed a big difference. I am using muscles that I have forgottn that I have, and I have went down a whole pant size from wearing them. I would recomend them to anyone who is on there feet a lot

  • Jeanette,do you wear socks,or not with them?Just curious because Reebok recommends not to,just like I said in past posts.My fiancee Lizzy doesn’t,and says they work great for her.I bought them for her at Christmastime.

  • Alissa

    Regardless of toning capabilities, for me the extra cushioning was the best benefit. My feet often fall asleep during workouts due to my hypothyroidism and I have arthritis in my hips, and the cushioning in these shoes alleviated some of that pain. I still had some of the same issues that normally occur for me during workouts, but when I wore these shoes it did not happen until over an hour into my workout rather than 20 minutes in.

  • susie

    I am trying to find out if these shoes are cousing hip problems

  • Samantha

    I have Easytone Reebok’s and I love them – and yeah, I workout. I used to walk in these shoes, which from the advertisements, I believe is the main purpose. I also do P90X. I wear them during these workouts. There were a few days that I did not wear my Easytones; I did not feel as engaged in the workout. At first, I didn’t understand why, but then I realized, I was wearing my my regular sneakers.

    I guess I would say, I just don’t care if they are a fad – I love this product.

  • Samantha,do you wear socks or not with them?You shouldn’t be,in order to get the proper “feel”.

  • Selena Fan

    I got them only today , and I tried a few steps , they do have something different that not all shoes have I am going to try them and I really hope they make a diffence.

  • shane

    I don’t think the way we walk should be messed with. Its bad enough having traditional trainers. I wear vibram five fingers or go barefoot when jogging on grass and they are much more natural have done for years and am injury free. We do not need padding we were barefoot for millions of years the very nature of a living organism is that is adapts to its environment. musculoskeletal problems are likely with easy tone and traditional trainers it may take years but messing with the may we should move will have consequences. Just walking is great or other cardio you enjoy. Also lift weights and make one nutritional goal a week to form new habits (check out for possible weekly goals).

  • runtones

    I have been using the run tones for 2 days now and they are making my sciatic nerve hurt.. Not sure if I did something wrong? I dont know if I should keep wearing them or not? I was running with other pair of shoes and the pain just started when i started wearing the runtones.

  • rosa

    I purchased a pair of Easytones in January. From the instant I put them on I’ve felt motivated to walk more. I’ve worked out before I began wearing them but the idea that I could be possibly getting a little extra was a plus! I’ve done cardio, as well as physical therapy for my knee with them twice a week. Legs are definitely toned! I think they are definetly worth it!

  • C

    While my post is many months late, I have got to say that I LOVE my eztones. Yeah, I fell for the hype and yes my calves look better (butt… not so much) but I get a faster burn when I do walk/run. However, my eztones are my daily shoes. I wear them everywhere because of how great they have made my experieces. Prior to purchasing my eztones, I couldn’t walk or stand for more than an hour or two at a time. Shopping was a nightmare. Pain from hip displacement, foot pain, back pain, you name it. From the moment I stepped into my eztones last year, I have not experieced one ounce of pain as long as I’m wearing my shoes.

    I paid $110 for my shoes last year, they are now down to $50 or $60. I will be buying a new pair this month, as my old ones just went flat. (the balls are flat in 1 shoe but the actual shoe is still completely in tact, even after a year of being my “go-to” shoe.)

  • Patricia

    I have two pairs of the easy tone sneakers; one in black leather and the other in black mesh. I had surgery on my right foot in September and for Christmas my son bought me the sneakers, as I liked the way they looked. I knew nothing about an “Easy Tone.” The leather pair I used for work and the mesh for walking. Having surgery on my left foot in February and now with two good feet LOL I have walked in the mesh pair. I walked 2.40 miles one day and felt a little pain in my calves and glutes. When I walked 3.70 miles, my legs were tingling when I got home. I felt it more the next morning. They are doing what they were designed to do.

    These shoes are the greatest. They give you perfect posture as you walk, and you automatically conform to the shoe. They are great. Best thing for walking. I love them. My only complaint; they eat your socks. LOL!! I will buy another pair.

  • Lynda

    Ok, Erin.

    I have been a casual wearer of my easytones for about 3+ months now. I have walked in them, but mainly I have just used them for errands, around the house, etc. I also have 3 other pair of casual shoes I rotate wearing so I haven’t worn them exclusivly.

    My left shoe is completely flat now. No puncture marks, no real visable wear. I guess that’s not a defect in the shoe but rather I drag one foot or I have one “real” Reebok and one fake? I bought my shoes from a national chain shoe store, so I highly doubt they’re fake….just completely useless now.

  • Socks and Reebok easytones,a definanate no-no.READ MY PAST POSTS ON THIS BLOG.

  • amanda

    okay i am a dance instructor and personal trainer and i also run alot. i loved the runtone shoes when i first bought them but after about two weeks of running 5 times a week four miles or more a day, i started having really bad hip and knee pain. i think they are great for people who dont experience pain from them but for others that do i would stop using them because yes they can cause hip and knee pain.

  • Tony

    These shoes really hurt my back and now I have leg pain down my entire right leg…used the shoes just for walking.

  • bhumphrey

    First of all let me say that THESE SHOES WORK! I am a nurse and am on my feet from 12 to 16 hrs. a day, I bought these shoes in white and black and was skeptical at first I am walking constantly throughout my shift and have noticed the difference when i wear these to work. Never was i focused on their toning effect but how comfortable they were. i have had them for over a month now and have noticed changes in my thighs and butt area, but the best part is other colleagues have noticed too and ask all the time “are u losing weight?” I cant say if they will work for u but they r workin for me!!!!

  • paulomi roy

    I have got one but its not comfortable.I wanted to know whether it feels tight when u wear them.

  • Kristina

    I got these shoe’s because i heard they tone really good. After the first few days my legs were hurting, i have a hip issue as well and it wasnt a cause of this. But they work. I love being able to stand a wabble becuase it helps with my balance. They ARE wicked comfy too. Great for summer working standing on my feet all day. I reconmend them!

  • Paulomi Roy,you are NOT supposed to wear socks with REEBOK EASY TONES,also Kristina DO NOT WEAR SOCKS WITH THEM!

  • Any woman that wears socks with reebok easy tones is asking for trouble,actually any woman who wears socks with any type of sneaker or shoe is asking for trouble.Actually in 1996,DR OZ made a statement:if you are over 5 feet tall and/or over 150 pounds and/or over a size 7,your fat pads on the bottom of your feet will wear out,causing back pain and possibly back pain.The best way to alleviate this is to stop wearing socks all together This will help build up those pads.Worried about foot odor:use a little bit of gold bond,foot powder or baby powder;just a quick sprinkle in the shoe or sneaker occasionaly.Ladies it has a lot to do with your hormones.

  • Jeanie

    I must wear socks with being on my feet all day! Who wants nasty sweaty feet?! Um no thanks! I do, however wear these easy tones WITH socks, dimitri, and they are still very comfortable! In fact it’s not very sanitary to walk around in an intensive care unit with out socks on your feet, I have to walk for long hours and occasionally run and do CPR and these sneakers keep me comfortable while doing both. They are my go-to work shoe and I’m in my second pair. I used to prefer Nike before I discovered these and have flipped several co workers to the easy tone side with me