SEPTA Removes Hilarious Hoax Signs

Image: DesignPhiladelphia

Pranksters slipped face “Notice to the Public” signs into Philadelphia’s Frankford-Market El regional train yesterday. (See above for an example of a sign.) The Philadelphia Inquirer has more:

One or more hoaxsters – or jokesters – started posting the signs as early as last week, SEPTA spokesman Andrew Busch said. Soon, pictures of the official-looking posters were showing up on blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. The messages broadly lampooned the transit system and its riders, so SEPTA had the notices removed.

“We do find the message very offensive in general,” not just the anti-SEPTA parts, Busch said.

Offensive…and pretty dang funny.

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  • As a SEPTA customer, I have to say there is a lot of truth in the sign. SEPTA could do a whole lot better with a little effort. Here’s what one veteran rider recently told the press:

    “More trains. More parking. Cleaner trains,” she said. “My seat is like a bucket; it’s like I’m sitting in a hole.”

    Her seat mates chimed in:

    “They don’t open all the doors.”

    “Fix the public address system.”

    “The air-conditioning doesn’t work on hot days.”

    “The conductors could be a little more courteous.”

    “More parking.”

    It wouldn’t take much. But, it has to start at the top. It is time for SEPTA leadership to lead.

  • Bill Pitman

    SEPTA eeds to come up with a sytem allowing riders to pay fare with debit cards, since exact change isn’t always available It would lead to less condusion at nights