The 50 Best Business Blogs of 2008


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Best Business Blogs 2008

Some blogs truly define today’s business voice. These blogs represent a healthy mixture of independent and mainstream voices, prominent academics and small business owners with equally strong opinions.

We compiled a completely biased sampling of our 50 favorite blogs, sorted by category. The categories are neither based on anything official nor are representations within them equal. For example, we have included a ridiculous number of finance and investing blogs, an industry where coverage truly stood out this year. It is possible that we have forgotten other categories.

However smattered the designations on this list, rest assured that every single one of these blogs is worth reading. If you find something missing, or want to show off your own blog, we encourage you to comment.

Here they are, categorically sorted, and alphabetically ordered:

Dim Bulb Author and advertising critic Jonathan Salem Baskin picks apart ads and marketing campaigns, then offers advice on how to do them right. Hint: Watch the branding.

Business Leaders
Jonathan’s Blog Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz is arguably the best exec blogger in the ‘sphere.

Blog Maverick, Mark Cuban’s blog. Commentary on various issues that Mark Cuban is interested in. Makes readers feel like an insider to the upwardly mobilized.

Business Travel
The Economist’s Gulliver is not only one of the best business travel blogs on the Web, it is one of the only ones.

All Roads Lead to China provides economic and business analysis and news from China, by an American expert.

Customer Issues
Church of the Customer covers customer evangelism. Useful for both companies and individuals.

The Consumerist looks at business from a consumer-rights standpoint while remaining remarkably readable and informative.

Practical ECommerce lives up to its name, offering really useful advice and tips for those with online presences.

Marginal Revolution: Tyler/Tyrone Cowen and Alex Tabarrok author one of the Web’s essential economics blogs.

Freakanomics Blog at the New York Times: The authors of Freakonomics present…more Freakonomics! This econ blog is a treat.

Economics Roundtable offers useful daily econ- and business links.

In Beat the Press, Economist Dean Baker points out flaws and missteps in economic reporting, often giving valuable insight in the process.

Toilet Paper Entrepreneur: Mike Michalowicz offers invaluable tips, resources, and networking/exposure opportunities for new entrepreneurs in this innovative blog.

Environmental Sustainability
The Oil Drum gives thorough peak oil and enviro-news opinion and analysis.

Financial News and Investing
Steadfast Finances offers down-to-earth tips and coverage of finance, for everyday folks.

Financial Armageddon: Author Michael J. Panzner covers the carnage using media and official outlets.

Seeking Alpha compiles reports and commentary from more than 2,000 contributors, making it a information hub and one-stop shop for an assortment of financial information.

Market Movers at Conde Nast Portfolio: Felix Salmon blogs on the financial industry all day at this blog. And he does a mighty good job of it.

Credit Writedowns offers the best credit crisis coverage on the Web.

Workable Review: The Best Recruiting Software System for Small Businesses

Calculated Risk: Lending, mortgages, indices, and cutting-edge macroeconomic coverage–Calculated Risk covers it all, one step ahead of the rest.

Financial Times’ Alphaville Deftly filtered real-time coverage of market activity, from the UK but covering the US and EU as well.

Abnormal Returns is the perfect place to browse updated, smartly filtered links on investing.

The Franchise King Blog is an invaluable resource for franchisers and those interested in the business.

Generational Blogs
These were tricky to sort out. No single blog covers all of a generation’s issues, but some blogs address those issues while primarily focusing on some other aspect of business. Here are our picks:

Baby Boomer: My Retirement Blog
Gen-X: Startup Addict and Gen X Finance
Gen-Y: Employee Evolution

Human Resources
HR Bartender integrates current news, events, and tips into a comprehensive and elegant HR resource.

HR Wench offers frank, pithy, and entertaining advice on real-life human resources issues.

India’s Arun Prabhudesai shares startup, Internet, entrepreneurship, and other business buzz from India.

Influence Science
Incentive Intelligence covers the sometimes-mysterious world of incentives, rewards, and influence in a very readable and interesting blog.

Endless Innovation’s lengthier, insightful posts on innovation inspire and inform.

TechCrunch: Stop here first for tech news.

Silicon Alley Insider provides essential snark about Silicon Valley.

The Business of IT provides carefully considered posts relevant to IT departments across the board.

Job Search Issues
Unemploymentality gets to the heart of the unemployed, well, mentality.

The Wall Street Journal’s Laid off and Looking follows eight laid-off MBAs through their job searches, offering insight from the ground.

The Practice of Leadership offers inspiration, motivation, and tips for leaders.

Duct Tape Marketing: John Jantsch continues to do small business marketing well in this classic blog.

shares a wealth of useful information on copywriting for online marketing and other businesses.

Seth Godin’s Blog: The Oracle of Marketing speaks.

Opinion (Various Topics)
The Brazen Careerist Penelope Trunk offers a columnist’s wit and insight on a variety of work-related issues.

Coyote Blog provides thought-provoking commentary on a variety of business-related topics by an independent thinker.

Pharmalot Pharma journalist Ed Silverman covers the industry with pleasing professionalism.

Private Equity
PE Hub makes private equity not only interesting, but cool.

Public Relations
Edelman Blog: PR guru Richard Edelman writes about PR and reputation management.

Regulatory Issues
SOX First focuses on Sarbanes-Oxley management and compliance, but covers a wider range of issues.

Social Networking
Riveting Rosie talks about social networking, advertising, and a variety of other topics from an insider’s perspective.

Thought Leaders
Harvard Business Review’s Monitor Talent Group Blog provides stimulating posts by today’s great thinkers.

The Becker-Posner Blog provides impressive, thorough commentary by two eminent minds: Nobel-winning economist Gary Becker and US Court of Appeals judge Richard Posner.

Learned on Women talks trends, insights, marketing, and leadership for women and business.

  • Drea,
    Thank you so much for naming The Franchise King Blog one of the 50 Best Business Blogs for 2008!

    I really appreciate it.

    Joel Libava

  • We’d like to thank the academy and Eddie in the carpool.

    Thanks for including us – you’re on our list as well! Have a great 2009 businesspundit!

  • Jesse

    What about Elliott for travel? There are always good insights with him.

  • Wow, it’s absolutely terrific and a wonderful complement to my crazy project ! There is so much resources on Internet, this list is a great time-saver ! ;)

  • Drea – thanks for the shout out about HR Bartender. Much appreciated! Sharlyn Lauby (aka HR Bartender)

  • I see that there are some blogs on this list that I like to visit, Like John Jantsch’s “Duct Tape Marketing”. I found out about him when his book was released a little over a year ago. Good, quality stuff!

    Thanks for this list of resources.



  • Wow. Honored and appreciative!

    All the best in 2009.


  • Certainly agree with your MARKETING pick! I am in the Duct Tape Marketing nationwide coaching network and John’s blog is a resource for so many small businesses!

  • great list, especially the financial ones. a lot of those are some of our regular reads.

    ~ Jay

  • A great place to read hundreds of Generation-Y blogs all in one place is, which was founded by the folks from Employee Evolution and the Brazen Careerist herself, Penelope Trunk (both of whom were awarded above).

  • Nell

    This list is nothing but cheap link bait. The choices aren’t even very good.

    Shame on you.

  • Drea – thanks for recognizing Duct Tape Marketing in this list. Marketing is one of the most crowded blogging fields, so this is quite a compliment to show up as the lone entry. I really love the reference to my blog as classic, I think that something I’ve tried to make it.

    Great list and really opened my eyes to some new ones too.

  • George Tirebiter

    > Silicon Alley Insider provides essential snark about Silicon Valley.

    ?? Silicon Alley is in NYC

  • Nice list keep it up.
    Wow finally one blog from India.

  • Wow, that seems a cool list of blogs.Many are seriously followed and some will be added soon to my list of fav. :)

  • Good list, but what about Anyone who wants to know more about ETFs will be hard-pressed to find a better or more up-to-date source!

  • Great list. Lots of terrific blogs that I follow on a daily basis. One more for innovation or small business?

  • Great list, thanks for this – it helps a lot of small businesses out there.

  • Sundar

    I am not sure how you have named from India when there are far better blogs like,,, etc. should not be even in the top 10 in India.

  • Thank you so much for this list!! Since there isn’t a Real Estate category above I will give the two blogs I have found incredibly useful. First, and secondly Hopefully if anyone else is interested in Real Estate blogs they will find these useful too!

  • Very nice list and very conveniently categorized. There are a few that I’ve never come across before and I certainly agree that Duct Tape Marketing is recognized especially since SCORE the national organization is recognizing them and adopting some of John’s programs for their volunteers.

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    The link tag for “Employee Evolution” seems to be broken..

  • I must say, your choice of Rosie for the Social Networking category is baffling. Ever heard of Chris Brogan? Jeremiah Owyang?

  • Great list it has helped me discover some brilliant blogs that i never knew about and i particularly enjoyed the Thought Leaders, really impressive.

  • Post again.

    I created an OPML file for the 50 blogs’ and Business Pundit’s RSS feeds.

    I put the file on my site.

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  • Leah T

    Duct Tape Marketing is my favorite blog. Incredible source of marketing materials.

  • Great list! I read a few of them but will be subscribing to more thanks to you.

    I am a contributor on

  • I love the lists! This one is better than most. We have a blog on starting a window cleaning business. It’s a very targeted blog, that often gets overlooked in such general lists.

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    Thank you so much for naming The Practice of Leadership as one of the 50 Best Business Blogs for 2008!

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    Thanks a bunch and good luck to all those brilliant bloggers out there :-)

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  • I really love the reference to my blog as classic, I think that something I’ve tried to make it.Great list and really opened my eyes to some new ones too.
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